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Having owned (3) 1968 Skylarks/GS’s previously, I know the one year thumb wheel HVAC controls have their share of issues that drive people crazy when restoring them . Ive managed to replace the blower motor switch; all of the wiring ( and 5 way plug )coming off the switch going to the fuse box and to the variable speed resistor. With most of the dash removed , all vacuum lines both that supply & distribute vacuum we’re changed and rerouted correctly ( vacuum control switch changed as well ) The unit was thoroughly cleaned/ lubed as per service manual . All ductwork in my original A/C changed too My problem is attaching the cable that runs between the defroster door and the control unit , My new cables from old air products are impossible to attach to the bottom of the box and the blue defrost cable is 29” long . The space between the unit and the door is 6-8” The corect cable was verified by the company as correct Has anyone changed these cables on a 68 successfully ? Alll opinions are welcomed
The Buick Master Parts Book shows a '68 A-body car w/AC uses a GM no 1385082 defroster cable (Buick's terminology is defroster control wire). Color code is blue. The shop manual indicates this is the shorter cable of the two and has no in-line adjuster nut. This part no is also used on '68-69 Buick A-body cars w/ or w/o AC along with '70-72 Buick A-body cars w/o AC. There's no crossover to earlier years. See attached parts book page.

Old Air Products shows their cable set #26-1267 has 3 pcs and fits '66-68 Skylark and Special w/factory AC. Not sure if these are the cables you are working with. Looks like their cutoff dates need revision as the '68 cables are quite different from the '66-67s.

The shop manuals for '66-67 show the defroster cable is not color coded. Three cables are used. The longer air control cable w/adjuster nut is color coded blue.

If there is an Old Air Products defroster cable that is correct for the '69 Buick A body, it will be correct for the '68 Buick A body as well. This might be their #26-1369. It has no adjuster nut. Control application and color code is not shown. Maybe they can reference back to the GM part no.

Hope these bits of data help lead to the correct cable. Good luck.


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