Thinking about everyone and the times.
We have seen this summers social auto events dry up and blow away. The good part, is if we can stay healthy we have time to do some work on our cars as long as it doesn't cost money we don't have.

The bad part is the participants are generally older. That puts many of us at higher risk, myself included at a young 70 (ouch!). We have to be careful, my wife and I are prime caregivers for her 95! year old mother who live reasonably well, separately on our small acreage. Because of this we are adopting a policy of wearing masks when in contact with people. We believe this may even be more proactive than "Social Distancing". They told us we are contagious for some time before symptoms, I would be more comfortable if someone in that stage was wearing a mask.

There is a great shortage of masks, a particulate mask that most of us use in body work, I believe will help contain a cough or sneeze carrying virus from a person who is showing early symptoms, but has not yet recognized their situation. There are also drawing and designs on the web which will allow anyone with a sewing machine to make reusable ones.

The high density areas are really starting to have a hard time with the virus, I know many members live in those areas. I hope they all do well, and when this is all over, we see them back.

Wishing you all well!

68 wildcat

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I went out to my garage and had a look at the dust masks I bought years ago in Vancouver for doing bodywork and lo and behold they were N95 rated! I had an opened box with 8 left. I gave half of them to the doctor next door and 3 to my buddy's wife who is on some drug regimen that compromises her immune system.
I kept 1 for myself and only use it for getting groceries. Everyone in Montreal (for the most part) is staying 2 meters apart when walking outside.
I do the same on my nightly walks. Montreal looks like a ghost town at night at the moment. Gar is 82 cents a litre!!! and my Wildcat is still in storage at a warehouse!! gas is crazy cheap and I can't fill up the Buick!! No Fair.

Stay safe, Gary in Montreal