Compatible Steering Wheel 1967 Buick Special?

I recently bought a 1967 Buick California GS. It has a trashy-looking after-market steering wheel. It seems that OEM wheels for these cars are unavailable. Are there other Buick models or years that have steering wheels that would fit or that would fit with an adapter? Thank you.
My original was badly heat shrunk leaving crack that were probably 1/4" or more. I used an Eastwook kit an some work, and fixed it. A few years later there is some hint at stress on the worst ones, and if they bothered me, I wouldn't hesitate to touch them up.

A lot of people choose a "Corvette" wheel which was like the 70 GS. That's what I used for a while, but the depth on the one I used was more than the original, and I chose to go back to the original.
Thanks for the tip, Bob. I would try to repair one, but I doubt if I'll find a repairable one. Are you referring to a steering wheel for a Corvette? What years?
Ah, I see. I'm new to GM and Buicks. We had Lincolns for a number of years. Not much talk about Corvette steering wheels in the Lincoln club...
there are restorers for steering wheels. i dont have contact handy, there is one fella said he has casts for a new mold. he wouldnt do my wheel due to low demand on 63. im thinking he might do 67 or already has so. just like bob, i repaired my wheel, not with eastwoo stuff. repair still holding 15+ years.
For what it's worth, I checked with Dynacorn. They say these wheels (9745977, 9745764), while not correct, will fit a Buick Skylark.
Yeah, that's closer to OEM than most aftermarket wheels. Did you install it? If so, any installation tips?

Really? You have 10 1965 Wildcats? One of my favorite cars of all time.