Buick 340/350 fuel pumps

Quick question, I have a 1967 340 engine, but the fuel line from the pump to the carb is questionable and old. I can't find an original fuel line for it, but I can find lots of fuel lines for the 350 Buick. Is the fuel pump on the 350 interchangeable with the 340 engine? Would make getting a new fuel line much easier if I can install a newer 350 fuel pump on the 340. Thanks for your interest and knowledge on this in advance.
The fuel pump to carb pipe on the ‘67 340 2bbl is Buick part no 1380931. The same part no is used on the ‘67 300 2bbl. The are some examples for sale online for the 300 fuel line.

Some ads say their part fits ‘64-67 300. Not sure what is going on there. The ‘64-66 300 and ‘66 340 used the can type fuel filter and hoses to connect the pump, filter, and carb. The ‘67 300 and 340 have the filter mounted in the carb and use the pipe like later years.

The part no is 1380932 on the ‘67 340 4bbl pipe. It has no crossover to another application.

There weren’t any entries showing the 340 and 350 fuel pumps will interchange.
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Thanks, Todd, wasn't sure about the interchange of the pumps. Thanks for the part numbers, will definitely check to see what I can find.