Blower motor and squirrel cage replacement on '66 Skylark with A/C


Is it possible to replace the blower motor and squirrel cage without removing the passenger side outer and inner fender? Can't the blower assembly simply drop out of the bottom of the plenum box? Mine rattles loudly for a minute or so, then quiets down, but might rattle on and off again.
I assume the fam motor bearings are dry/shot.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
And Merry Christmas!
One word no.
You could do what others have done in the past & cut a hole in the inner fenderwell then bend it down & re-attach with screws.
Just a thought.

Tom T.


Tom. I see that in Section 12 of the manual, but I think that's for cars with a heater only. Mine has A/C, and I don't see any reference to that procedure in Section 13 of the chassis manual. Will take a closer look at it tomorrow. Thanks for the reply.


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I have a non AC 66 Chevelle. I have removed the front tire and can then removed the inner fender to exchange the blower motor. Not to say this procedure works for an AC car.


Well, I got the blower out more easily than I thought. Five 1/4 bolts held it in, and it dropped right out of the bottom. And it was definitely shot and rattly.
Merry Christmas!
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That was a happy ending, no hacking, chopping or sawing and no tools were harmed. We need more like this.