'73 Riviera upholstery


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The previous owner put some ugly '89 T-Bird Sport Coupe European-style buckets and a grant steering wheel.

luckily he still had the original 60/40 seats--which need to be recovered.

I'd like a stock-looking interior.

Is there any place that makes 71-73 Riviera seat covers, like Clark's Corvair does for '63-'65 Rivieras?


Try Eazy Boy Hot Rod Interiors I Got Mine For My 55 Riv There 1150$ I Think Complete Just Fit Em Regards Baz


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original upholstery

SMS auto fabrics in Oregon. They had my interior for 63 buick skylark that Year One, and all the big restore companys didn't have. The headliner i bought from SMS was identical, pattern, material, thickness to original.