72 Riviera Four Way Power Seat Problems

My power seat will not move. Luckily, it is stuck about half-way back so I can still get my 6'2, 250 pound Jabba the Hut physique in and out of the car! I cannot remove the seat without moving it to the full rear position. I removed the door armrest mounted switch and cleaned all contacts. It "clicks" when activated, but I don't hear any noise coming from under the seat.
  • The available wiring diagram on this site is for the six way power seat. Does a diagram for the four way exist?
  • Any recommendations on what else I should check?
  • Any recommendations on getting the seat to move back?
Thank you,
Is the control for the seat on the door?
If so, the most common place for problems related to switches mounted on the door is the flex area between the door and the body. If the control is mounted on the door, the odds are 95% the problem is there.
Just add, I have found that the wires are "usually" broken at the kick panel end. Also, note, they do not appear broken, it is just the copper that is broken, the insulation usually looks good.
Sometimes the break is solid and the switches fail completely, sometimes the wires can touch, like after opening or closing the door and the switch will function. If all functions of the switch are affected, it is probably the power to the switch, if it is only one function then it would be that wire.
Good Luck :)