67 GS Stainless Grill Trim

My 67 has stainless trim on the upper and lower horizontal area of the grill.
It does not look like a factory option, however, I guess it could be.
After looking at several GS on the internet, many of them have the same look.

The trim on my car are dented and should be replaced.

Any ideas will be appreciated.



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The stainless is original and not surprisingly dented. You will probably never find a good replacement, but there are people who are skilled at taking dents out of stainless trim pieces, not cheap. Ask around a few restoration shops for a few names, and you will probably find someone not too far away.
Thanks a lot.
It just didn't look like original; good to know. You would think some auto body shop could fix the dents. I am not even sure how to remove it.