67 GS 400 Star Wars Air Cleaner help


Has anyone been able to run a non oem carb with a star wars air cleaner? I am using a holley 650 cfm but it just sits too high and bumps the hood when I place the star wars air cleaner on. I can't seem to find an orig Rochester carb anywhere. NAPA used to have them but no more.

I would even change out the intake. All suggestions are welcome this is something that really bothers me.

When I decided I had to run my star wars air cleaner, I found I had to go back to the Rochester. Anything is possible, but I think to do it, you would have to custom build or modify the metal adapter that the filter sits on. Easiest to just run the Rochester, and I would say better than a Holley 650 for performance anyway. I would run at least a 750.