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Is the radio in a 1966 Buick Special/Skylark exclusive to that car or is there any other radio that will fit?
Would like to put an AM/FM radio in but don't want to break the bank doing it!
They use a standard knob and face layout for the period. Most any aftermarket radio will fit.

Here are some on Ebay.

Another option is there are people who will take your radio and change it into an AM/FM with inputs for devices.

I personally have an original am/fm and use a transmitter on my cell phone to listen to whatever I want.

Johnnys 66

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So much for a radio that fits from Custom Autosound!
The radio they sent for my 66 Special does not even come close to fitting my dash!
The wife is really ticked off this time!LOL
Sent an email but I am going to return it for a refund and maybe just hang a unit under the dash using a pod.
I am sure that it was a Custom Auto Sound radio I ran in my '67 many years ago, and they were designed like all aftermarket radios and fit at least satisfactorialy.
I sold it when I got the opportunity to pay much more for an original AM/FM, actually from a '66. With that, I can use a short range broadcaster and listen to my cell phone tunes.

My brother took an original AM from his '69 Riviera to a backyard electronics wiz who did automotive conversions. He modifiied it to put out 400 watts and added AM/FM to it. It still looked 100% original. He also offered usb and other inputs, although I don't remember him getting the additional inputs. I think that cost about $400.00 too. The guy was old then, and doesn't do it anymore.

Johnnys 66

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Well, sent the radio back to the guys that built it and gave then a diagram with measurements based off the original AM radio.
A week later the new one came and it fit right in like it should have!
Used a dual speaker in the dash, very tight fit had to remove the cardboard off the front and put a piece of rubber matting between the magnet and heater box.
With my 1970's surface mount speakers in the back sounds great once I figured our how to get a little more bass out of it!