53 straight 8 pictures


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Hello all, I am looking for some good pictures of a stock 53 special straight 8 and the engine bay.
It has been a long time since I pulled the engine and all of the pictures are somewhere in the "cloud" I cannot find them.
The engine is 90% reassembled and ready to go back in. The transmission has also been rebuilt.
It has been about 7 years since pulling the engine and I want to make sure I am remembering where everything goes.
Can anyone help me with this?
I have a '53 Special in my junk, are there any picture you particularly want?
Any well lit pictures of the engine bay. Motor mounts, oil filter Carb linkage etc. I think I remember or can figure everything out, but a picture of something I forgot could be a big help.
Thanks for the reply!
Sorry to be so long with these, but I do have excuses:)

Here's two, as you want specific pictures ask, I may not be so long!53_throttle_linkage.jpg53_drovers_side.jpg