46 320 rebuild with 49 up parts?


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Have to rebuild the 320 in my 46 Roadmaster. My uncle purchased this car in 1972, has been in my family ever since! I learned to drive a standard in this car!
It sat with broken manifold in a barn/ garage for over 20 years.
engine- stuck brakes-stuck clutch- stuck
freed the engine, but 30psi or less on 5 cylinders.
On teardown, found the head was warped in the center( broken exhaust manifold)
only 2 valves had any seats- rust and carbon-
and # 8 had broken piston above the top ring land.
since it is apart, thought I might upgrade, if anyone has these parts or a complete engine, let me know
49 up connecting rods so i can use insert bearing 46 are babbit
49 up rocker arm shaft and pushrods, so i can use hydraulic lifters
any leads would help, ill also take a complete engine, cracked block, seized, anything i can steal the parts from
have tons of nailhead parts to trade, 364 and up both dynaflow and st 400 cranks
any help would be apreciated.
320 engine from 49 to 52 will work


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Terrill Machine Co. will exchange your connecting rods with those machined for inserts. Feltz Terrill is second
generation in this business and is quite reasonable in his prices. In addition, the machinist who is rebuilding my 1948 50 Series engine
for my 1940 Super is very picky was happy with all his parts. Feltz answers the phone himself and takes the order down with pen and paper.
The parts were shipped directly to the machine shop, but I received a small package at home. Enclosed were my paperwork and a 1 lb. bag of salted peanuts with a label that said "We appreciate your business." My son has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering so I was strongly encouraged to use all new parts.