401 nailhead flexplate


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Hello Guys

I had my 401 rebuild and the plan is to run it on a stand to test it .
In the car i have a dynaflow and the gear for the starter is on te torquconverter .
My question is can i put a flexplate on my 1963 401 from any 401 , and will it have the correct distance to the starter .
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Simon asking from the Netherlands


So you would suggest running the 401 on a test stand with the dynaflow attached to it ? I am in the same situation and was wondering the same thing. I have a 1962 401 2bbl I am working on. Thanks, Guy form Montreal, Canada.


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Is it the plan to run it on the teststand without the dynaflow .
Because the startergear is on the dynaflow i nead a other flexplate with attachés to the engine , but i do’nt know witch flexplate Will do the job .
Thanks , Simon from the Netherlands

Jeff Lukaszek

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I would contact Russ at centerville auto repair 530-272-1564 . He has helped me in a lot of these situations. May even have parts you need. Nail head motors are his mainstay.
I would suggest running it in the car. That way you don’t have to spend extra money on a later flex plate and modifying it to fit your crank flange. You would also avoid buying a shorter starter you would not need or use once it is off the test stand.

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Forgot to add. ANY flex plate from a '64-'66 will work all you would need to do is cut the cernter to match your end flange & of course the shims between the starter & the block. You could even stack up wahers that fit the 7/16ths. bolts between the starter & block with longer bolts of course.