4 speed transmission cars with passenger side speedometer cable location?


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Changing the automatic over to a Muncie M-21 in my '71 GS. Trying to do everything like Buick did in '71. Question is, where on the passenger side front floorboard did the hole for the speedometer cable go thru? My automatic car speedometer hole is under the steering column, which is correct for the auto, I would like to change it over to the correct location for the manual, but I can't find anything on the web to show me where it should be. I was told that the manual cars location were different than the automatics. Does anyone have any advice on the location or better yet, some pictures would be a great help. Going slow, trying to get it right, and thanks in advance.
My 1970 455/4 speed AND my 1964 V6/3 on the tree all had the cables enter the trans on the drivers side. The '64 was just converted by me to a 455 (465 CI BBB) and a super T-10 which is on the passenger side. I used the same hole and on the '64 increased the cable from "about 50" to 80"). The absolute worst part of your job is going to be getting the cable off the head inside the dash. Its a real PITA... Read the manual on that part! ws






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Thanks Bill, I finally found pictures in my 1969 Skylark GM Chasssis Manual. Shows exactly what your pictures show, except Buick used a 90 degree adaptor for the speedo cable into the trans. I will need the two speedometer cable clips that bolt to the two bottom 1/2 inch bolts of the transmission to bell housing and the under floor clip to hold the cable up on the passenger side. My interior is gutted at the moment, wanted to make sure I had access to everything, so putting the speedo cable back on the dash speedometer will be easy. Just need to find the clips and 90 degree speedometer adapter. Wasn't looking forward to drilling another hole in my pristine floorboards.


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Found it Bill, also found the clamps to hold the cable to the bottom of the transmission I need at The Parts Place. I should be good to go now. On my '64 Skylark, it has the driver's side speedo, so no problems with the 4 speed in it. Would like to somehow find the rare, one year only, 4 speed console someday for it, but hopefully someone has one out there willing to sell me one. Thanks for all the help.
Glad its all coming together for ya... Im a cheap son of a gun, so I made my own cable clamps for the lower trans bolts. Im retired with a lot of time; the only deadline is to be done by spring LOL. FWIW, I didnt use a 90* drive, rather just straight into the side with a longer cable.

So now Im wrapping up another "pristine" floor job... All new just like 1964 LOL! Billz24.jpg






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Nice picture of the trunk replacement. Awsome. I bought a spare '64 Skylark for a parts car years ago, but it is in too nice a shape to use it that way. Still runs, and drives. But I have two spots in the trunk beside the inner fender wells that will need attention someday. Water is coming in thru the chrome halo stud under the rear window. I have 3 more 455's and thinking of transplanting one of those into it. I am also retired, 2011, and still working on the '71 GS, as it was used for 1/4 mile passes in its day, with a SBC/turbo 350 combo. Still trying to find all the missing pieces to restore back to original. Slow process, still looking for the power steering pump bracket that bolts to the head. Need one like you have in your picture. Should complete the under hood pieces. Will probably do like you and make my own clamps for the speedo cable.
With 2 old Buicks, an old Harley and an old 36 foot Chris Craft, AND having been a machinist in a coal fired power plant for 30 years (cornerstone was laid in 1923!), I learned to make most of my stuff especially if its one-off.

Just passing this along, but I bought the 7 piece pan and brace kit for the floor. The structure was 99% perfect so I have the 4 piece frame kit for sale for a screaming deal (plus shipping). The car was barn stored with 37K on it since 1980. It was parked with a wet trunk mat from leaking window trim on the back. Fix your trim leak and ditch the floor mat if you have one! Its only going to get worse back there!

Let me know if you decide to part out the '64! There's always "smalls" I am looking for, and '64s are an "In Between" year on a lot of stuff! Especially looking for Special DeLuxe side trim! Bill

Ive owned this car for 11 months now LOL...