1973 Centurion

Centurion 73

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I have a sea foam green 73 Centurion; missing the center wheel cap; looked on the usual sites cannot find it, anyone have any suggestions where to look?
I would save a search on EBAY

I am not sure what you are looking for:( steering wheel center, hubcap center, ... ?
Buick Master Parts Books show there were two types of wheel covers for Centurions. The standard wheel cover and the Deluxe (sometimes called Super Deluxe) both had a center ornament with the helmet.

The ornament for the standard wheel cover is GM part no 9868552. Phillips Muscle Car Parts shows to have one in inventory.

The ornament for the Deluxe cover is part no 1237744. The Buick Farm shows to have two in stock.

There are also two current eBay listings which can be found by searching the part number.