1973 - 1977 GM Buick A-Body Parts


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While I specialize in 1973 - 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, I also deal with the other GM A-Body models including Buick.
I have some NOS & some used original GM parts specific for Buick, & other parts I have fit pretty much all of
the A-Body cars.

Please check out my website & shoot me an email. I am just ONE person & simply don't have any phone time.

On NOS parts, I work with part numbers and not by application. On used parts, application is fine & pics and casting #'s are extremely helpful.
If I don't have the part(s) needed in my inventory, I have various parts locators that I use, plus an old school GM dealership locator program from 2003
that provides super-cession & group information.

website: www.montemania.com
email: monteman@montemania.com

Thanks Phil