1971 Bench Seat Swap

can anyone tell me how to swap my bench seat to buckets and what year make/model car or truck i can get a good seats from that provide good support for a 275lbs man?


Bench seat vs buckets

Why would you want to??? If you are a 275 lb man, have you ever thought about getting out of your car or into your car when someone parks so close to your drivers door that you can't get out? Try sliding across bucket seats vs bench and you will see what I mean. I converted a '65 Wildcat to bucket seats a while back and I am going to put my bench seat back in place.
Just a friendly tip/Lee


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10 way power seats

i swapped out my couch i mean bench seat,
for killer BMW seats. i had a 1988 735i, before i junked it i pulled the seats.
they fit like the were made for my 69 skylark. they just settled in to place and one bolt hole lined up, drilled the others, fast and easy.
10 way power seats! just positive and a ground, the controls are on the side.

i'm 6'5" @ 240lbs

and you can slide em up really far so people can get in the back.