1961 Special Spindle Nut


So the brakes locked up on me so i was going to rebuild the cylinders, The problem i had was one of the spindle nuts was strip so bad that its not reuseable. Does anyone know where i get a new spindle nut? I have searched everywhere, the problem is i think the bolt was special for the 61 and is a 5/8 24 nut. I have emailed McMASTER.com to see if they even have a regular nut that size.

1961-62 44-46-47-48 use 1319138 R, and 1319139 L. (these numbers are listed for 1941-60 ALL except 90)
1961-63 40-41-4300 use 579120 R, and 579121 L (this one should be yours)
I will bet it is the lefty that is stripped:(
Thanks for the number, yes its the left had side because i didnt know it was a lefty, learned the hard way.

Just wish i could find a new bolt for it.
I am sure there are, you've done some measuring, double check your 5/8"-24 threads, the lefty is going to be the same size and thread as the right.
Do a search for a specialty nut & bolt store I am almost willing to bet that they will have exactly what you need in stock.

Tom T.