1960 Lesabre LS swap


Hello, My first post!
My dad just gave me his 1960 lesabre because of him retiring and moving elsewhere. Engine is pretty rough (other than that car is in pretty good shape) and parts or engines for old buicks are pretty rare to come across in Kuwait. I would like to LS swap it. Keeping everything else mostly original. Anybody done this swap and what challenges did you come across? Ive already got an ls3 swapped 72 GTO making bout 550whp. I can get an LS really quick and cheap.
Any tips and advice is greatly appreciated.
(I know some of you may find this blasphemous but please bear with me).
I haven't done one, but you will be swapping back to the driveshaft. LS is a popular swap into anything these days.
Then there is the rear axle which is made to connect to a torque tube rather than a more normal driveshaft. I do believe that full sized Ford 9 inch rear axles can use the Buick wheels... though I haven't personally done it. At least not yet. Pretty sure that you will have to devise some different sort of mounting system once the torque tube isn't holding things in their appropriate place...

Things start getting involved.