1959 Buick Fan Clutch?


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I am using a long neck water pump out of a 1959 401 engine. I would like to put a fan clutch on this engine. The bolt pattern that Buick used to attach fan to water pump was 4 bolts X 1 ¾ inch bolt pattern. Hayden Cooling Products does not have a fan clutch with that pattern. Does anyone know of a fan clutch that will fit a Buick. The reason for this long neck stuff is my 425 engine in a 1952 Buick Super frame, the engine had to be lowered down so the transmission would clear the trans. hump and have a proper angle to the rear differential. So since I have about 14 inches between the water pump and the radiator I could move the fan forward and then it is ahead of the cross member and a 20 inch diameter fan will fit perfectly. and the fan is still about 6 inches from the radiator (big cars are just great to work on and modify.)
IF I remember correctly all the '57-'66 water pumps have the same spacing on the fan hub bolts.
IF you can bring your water pump with you to NAPA to match up OR the water pump pulley.

Tom T.