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Ok i really need some help, the last few times i have asked questions the only person who helped me was good ole tom! I wanna know if a custom autosound am/fm radio that was made for a 1957 Buick would fit in my 1955 buick? It is one of those rather expensive radios that u dont have to cut the dash with, all u have to do is remove the old radio and slap this baby in there. Since the one im looking at is specifically made for a 1957 buick, i wanted to know if this could be used in my 55. Anybody? PLs help! Before i cut my dash! lol kc
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:waving: Hey KMC The Sunshine Kid!

Good Old Tom?:angry:


Y- U Dissing ME?

Just pushing some buttons.

The BEST Guy I know as far as "Tunes" and "Sounds" are concerned is.......Rob


Who coincidentally also owns a '55 Buick

So! I would imagine that he would be able to set You straight on what You have to do in order to acquire the "desired effects"

Rob is a young guy who shares and appreciates the same interests as far as musical "Interests" and Accessories such as Woofers and AMPS Tweeters Etc.

That a 50's Vintage Electrical System will readilly accept with out "Major" Upgrades.

"Olde Tom" has forwarded the the best information available, readily at hand to the best of my febile-minded, alzhemizers ability and comprehension:laugh_4:


Tom Gallagher
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55 to 57 Fit

Ok........here goes nothing...........I just got off the phone with the people at Custom Auto Sound in California................According to their size chart (which you can find on their website) from 1954 to 1959 take the same radio............I hope this helps you out..............:thumbsup:

I put a Custom Auto Sound in my '67, it's not too bad. It has some nostalgia look to it in a generic way. It sounds good enough, but for the price should be better. I used the autosound front kick panel sets and some 6x9s in the rear deck. The cd changer is nice.