master cylinder

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    1951 Super Sedan master cylinder conversion to dual chamber

    Hi All, I would like to improve the brake system to augment the safety on my Super 1951 Riviera Sedan in moving from the single chamber master cylinder to a dual one and a proportioning valve. This in the objective to separate front and rear brake circuits to still have brake power, should one...
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    1955 buick 2 door special... Master cylinder

    So... I have searched high and low, can anyone tell me what duel tank master cylinder I can put into my 55 special? It can't be on the fire wall, as where it is on a modern car, the power steering is there, so remote fill? A. how does a remote fill work? B. I'm not afraid to...
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    At My Wits End With 52 Special Brakes Need Sum Help!!!

    Ok, I have a 52 special that I just bought. The car basically had no brakes. If you pushed the pedal all the way to the floor it would slowly roll to a stop. So I have rebuilt the entire brake system. Put a rebuild kit in master cylinder, 4 new wheel cylinders, new rubber hoses, new shoes, and...