1. 1959/1966 Buick 401/425 Nailhead Quadrajet Intake Manifold

    1959/1966 Buick 401/425 Nailhead Quadrajet Intake Manifold

    This manifold uses the Quadrajet carburetor option (instead of the standard Carter AFB) on the Buick 401 Nailhead engines. In 401 GranSports in1966 it took the HP from 325 to 340. It supposedly ran better than the dual quad setup and was less temperamental. This was also the manifold used on the...
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    Exhaust manifold 64-66

    Hello, When my manifold on the driver's side is broken I need to get another one. So my question is: Is there any difference in 1964.1965 and 1966? My Buick is an Electra 225 1965, but the engine is a 425 in 1964. Is it the same manifold for double and single exhaust system? BRG Per Fruck
  3. P

    Dual carb manifold proper/alternative carbs

    Can anyone tell me what carbs were used on the dual carb manifolds? Has anyone adapted anything and if so what results? Suggestions? Am also considering 4 SU's..any advice pro or con on that or what might be a good 4 carb set up where I don't have a whole lot of overhead space (low hood line)...
  4. 3

    '99 Regal 3.8

    So I've inherited my parent's Regal LS, going on 12 and 48K on the ticker. I've read some posts about the plastic intakes being a problem and my engine has one...should I worry? :confused:
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    Vacuum connector?

    On the passenger side rear of the intake manifold of a 430 block 1967. There are two vacuum connectors screwed into the manifold. My rebuilder lost the one on the passenger side. I wondered if anyone can give me a place to buy one or the specs on it so that I can get one machined. I have...