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    Classic Car Illustrations

    Hi all. I am an artist specializing in illustrating classic cars. I am a current classic Buick owner (1972 GS) and a newer Buick (2011 Lacrosse). If you would like to see some examples of my work for sale, my site is I also do custom illustrations so you can...
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    Just Bought a 1972 Skylark!

    So i just bought this beautiful lark. I payed $3,000 for It. I'm about to turn 17 and this is basically my first car. The car is almost all original excluding the wheels and the interior has been redone. It has 79,000 original miles on it. Under the hood is a 350 with a 2bbl carb I believe to be...
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    71 gs 455 engine knock

    car has been sitting for 5 years, i thought it may be the lifters and that they would fix themselves but so far no luck, we have no oil pressure gauge, there is no knock at idle, or atleast i cant here it i used a piece of wood and put it on the valve cover toward the back of the motor it...