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    455 to 350 swap

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    455 to 350 swap

    Hello , maybe this should be in the 350 forum, I can post there also. Any way the 455 in my 53 Buick needs to be replaced, I dont want to go LS. I have a 71 Buick 350 that ran a few years ago, whats different,? Trans will bolt up , motor mounts, exhaust, upper, lower radiator hoses? I do have a...
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    need a starter for a 1954 Buick 264 v8,any sources?

    Hello Anyone know where I can get a starter for a 1954 Buick ? 264 V8,i found one at kanter but not much else. Thanks Mike
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    50 Buick $800 on Craigslist

    Ran across this ad,seems like a good deal if anyone is looking. I have too many projects right now.
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    68 skylark convert frame swap options

    anyone know what frame (if any) is the same as a 1968 Buick Skylark convertible? Ive got one with rust in the rear,just wondering if any other models will fit before I start building one. Is the 68 Skylark 4 door the same? Thanks for any info
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    wire on right side of turbo 350??

    Hi I just pulled the motor and trans from 1971 Buick (350 motor and 350 trans) and I noticed it has a red wire on the right side, what is that wire for? thanks for any info Mike ps its not a turbo 400,it has a kick down cable, the 350 style pan and modulator pointing to rear.
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    Windshield for 55 Buick

    Hi I just bought a 55 Buick Road master 4 door that needs a windshield. Do you guys have a good source for glass? Are the 2 and 4 door windshields the same? and is it the same as any other Gm products? It also needs a hood if anyone has one. thanks for your help.
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    trans for 264

    Is there a modern trans that will bolt up to my 1954 264 nailhead? Or will I need a trans adapter and if so who would you recommend? Thanks
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    stock cam specs

    I looked in the reference section and I dont see it. What cam did the 1970 455 run? Thanks for any info
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    425 Engine Wear - What is Normal

    What is a brake reaction rod?
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    57 Buick Rockers / repo sheet metal

    Anyone found a source for Rocker panels and other sheet metal parts for a 57,or any old Buicks?? thanks for the info
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    best tranny for a 350 buick

    I would go with a Turbo 350 or 400, Im not a fan of the 200 trans.
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    53 buick special

    To change the trans you will need to replace the rear end,and torque tube drive shaft. I installed a ford 9 in. rear end with suburban leaf springs(on my 53 super)And had the axles drilled to match the subframe bolt pattern(ford PU rear worked great). I used a 1977 pontiac trans am...
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    Replacement Gas tank

    try Rock Auto, they stock some strange stuff.
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    455 questions

    Hi ,I put a 455 out of a 1974 electra 225 in my 53 buick (it was cheap) any way its stock. If you run it hard ( all the way to the floor) it will pop back thru the carb. I rebuilt the carb went thru the dist.(the weights were stuck) I backed the timing off a little no change ,tightened the...
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    Hi Im new to your board,Ive got a 53 Buick Super 4 door, 455 /400, pontiac trans am subframe and ford 9 in rear. Its just a flat black beater but its fun. I just bought a 1957 Buick wagon,its the next project. I already found a source for rocker panels,from your site. thanks