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    215 alum. V8 Hard to come by?

    the Rover engines are also metric, so most fasteners will not interchange.
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    The Relationship between Horsepower and Torque

    uh, yeah? that's what i was pointing out in the first post. Mr Hooper has gotten off a bit more into the technical details, but that's also what he's saying. and we agree, if you want more HP then you either need to make more torque or make the torque at a higher RPM. that's why crank...
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    The Netherlands

    Dutch is not so far away from Deutsch. *wink*
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    455 Intake Manifold Dimensions

    i would look around at your local junk yards and see if you can come up with a trash Buick 400 / 430 / 455. you're going to have to have something to work as a jig while you're fabbing this anyway. heck, the junk yard might even let you work on it there if you make friends with them.
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    Sportwagon Restoration Page

    those plates used to be stamped manually, so i wouldn't be too worried about some of the spacing. by which i mean that i suspect that the 3 in "F3" is the first digit of your body number. i believe there was a Chevy plant in Flint ... which got the "F" designation. this is why Buick Flint...
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    The Netherlands

    was that actually a US mil / ambassador car back in the war? do you know any history on it?
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    hello from belgium

    your English is much better than my Belgian. ;)
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    Riviera 67. Hi from France!!

    hah. i bet that thing is like a space ship on Euro roads. she looks good. you realize, now you have to visit the French Riviera with your French Riviera?
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    1960 Lesabre LS swap

    yeah, you may as well swap the trans with the engine while you're doing this and converting to a drive shaft.
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    Now What?

    i'm thinking Bob is just trying out a new sponsorship idea? "233" is not a valid area code, but it is the prefix code for ex-US calls being made to Ghana.
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    Will the GN run?

    Vice Grip's conceit is that he goes somewhere out in the boonies and tries to get an old car running again and then drives it back home. you know, one that's only been sitting for 20 years or so. he actually has a pretty good success rate, at least that he can limp it a couple of hundred...
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    Swapping 300 for 350

    350 Buick has a taller deck so it's a little bit wider and the exhaust manifold is a different shape due to the changed valve order, but i don't know that that will make any difference.
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    Hello Dudley, from Gardena Ca

    what kind of "news"? on late model Buicks? most of our info is on stuff from pre-1990.
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    The Relationship between Horsepower and Torque

    The Honda F1 makes almost 7 times as much torque per cubic inch than the Cummins ! i'd like to see you put a million miles on an F1 engine!
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    The Relationship between Horsepower and Torque

    you would find Instructor Schultz's picture! i think i've found your problem. Der Deutschers tend to precision and exactitude. also, he "knows nuttink!" otoh, if you ever run into an Engineerding prof who demands that you never refer to an Internal Combustion Engine as a "motor", get back to...
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    Carburator problem

    that's still a kludge. . in a race car, EITHER spring should be strong enough to pull the pedal back on it's own. this way you have a safety factory over a single spring setup as springs can break or fall off or get hung up themselves. and the last thing you want to do is get to the end of...
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    The Relationship between Horsepower and Torque

    The reason that HP is torque x RPM divided by 5252 is that a 1 foot radius Arm on the crankshaft will make a circle of 6.28318 Feet x 5252 = 33000 Feet per Minute. James Watt, calculated a horse could lift 1 pound 33000 feet (thru a capstan and pulleys) in one minute. ah, very interesting. my...
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    Need help figuring out what the electrical problem is.

    ugh. you hate when that kind of stuff happens.
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    Carburator problem

    you can also add a return spring to the pedal, but it sounds like you've got something going on. check to make sure it's not binding on something. race cars always have 2 springs of different diameters, one nested inside the other.