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  1. BornBuick

    Buick green engine paint.

    good photos but sorry none of them are even close to the original tint or color of factory Buick paint tone and hue ... even if someone attempted to color match via a computer or index card ... refer back to my photos of factory original paint on engine and compare. Remember old leaded gas...
  2. BornBuick

    Fuel Pressure - 3 Rochester 2bbl's 1957 364 w/cam

    ... nice setup ... btw if your 364 is from a 1957-59 10:1 ... Century, Super or Roadmaster the factory cam is already pretty tall in duration to almost lumpy and really no need mod cam. If sourced from a Special 57-58 ... then the cam is short winded.
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    No he is looking for the DiNoc checkered pattern Buick used for 53. The Road Master had the reddish pattern and it also came I believe in gray, green and blue as well.
  4. BornBuick

    Fuel Injection Carb question:

    ... yes but remember just getting something to squirt fuel into your manifold electronically alone is really no better than your foot and a good solid carb. Without matched injectors, psi settings, brain capabilities for both efficient fuel mapping changes and real time spark control you will...
  5. BornBuick

    Fuel Injection Carb question:

    OZ40 ... your idea about the efi setup looks pretty good and thanks for the link ... however, make sure their brain has the capability to accept spark curve firing advancement input capabilities. To get the true advantages and street drivability out of a conversion is to make sure it can accept...
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    Fuel Injection Carb question:

    If you do this post a lot of pictures cause we all like pictures as they say a thousand words ... and they go with beer and chips too ...
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    Buick green engine paint.

    I exhausted myself some 10 years ago researching the almost mystical legend of the correct nailhead aqua blue factory GM paint. Here is what I either discovered or concluded: Many of the folks offering a replacement "Match" to factory I think did so by using an original engine as a calibrator...
  8. BornBuick

    1957 Buick Century Parts

    So you have the center and not the cone ends ? On a side note, If you had them TriValent chrome plated instead of Hexavalent they will contrast with any existing authentic factory Hexavalent chromed parts and will stand out appearing as a silvery chrome paint next to the original blueish...
  9. BornBuick

    1957 Buick Century Parts

    What bumper parts do you have ... front / back ... ?
  10. BornBuick

    Buick -57 overheating

    By overheating what exactly do you mean ... Is water coming out of the overflow and/or are you just looking at the temp gauge position ? Where exactly is the needle position when you observe your overheating. As noted above the service bulletin stated the new mid model year temperature gauge...
  11. BornBuick

    New Wanted Listing: Need proper nailhead valve cover grommets and blocked intake manifold gaskets

    New Wanted Listing: Need proper nailhead valve cover grommets and blocked intake manifold gaskets A new Wanted listing has been posted by BornBuick: Need proper nailhead valve cover grommets and blocked intake manifold gaskets The description for this listing is...
  12. BornBuick

    Who makes the best timing chain and gear set out there?

    I thought I would get a good set from Egge Machine. So I ordered and received a cam gear, chain and crank gear manufactured from S.A. Gear Manufacturing Company - Automotive Timing Components out of Bedford Park, Il. The cam gear appears to be cast and not 100% steel. It lacks the proper...
  13. BornBuick

    ZDDP oil additives vs. roller lifters - opinions?

    My take above is just in reporting facts and not opinions. I suppose one should have a point of view but I rarely do. Apples to oranges in comparing 50 year old oil specs to any given time frame up till today oil specs and then tomorrow will still be as different as todays blend stocks are to...
  14. BornBuick

    1951 BUICK Super Radio needs a rebuild!

    You may want to try these guys. They are in my neck of the woods and have communicated with them regarding my 57 radio and have responded promptly and concisely. With that said, I have never used them but plan to when I get my radio out this spring. I believe they deal with speaker rebuilds as...
  15. BornBuick

    ZDDP oil additives vs. roller lifters - opinions?

    Yeah to that. But be careful, synthetics are not the complete answer either and synthetics do not really have the requisite chemistry to be a proper ZDDP emulsifier and carrier. If you check most if not all do not have the requisite amount ZDDP for old school hard impact parts. Synthetics do...
  16. BornBuick

    Site that makes OEM 57-58 Dual Exhaust System

    Just thought I would give everyone a "heads up". I found this guy on ebay that has been making exhaust systems apparently for a long time. He now has a complete replicated OEM dual exhaust system complete for 1957-58 Buicks. Here is the link...
  17. BornBuick

    Install nylon teeth cam gear or all steel cam gear in nailhead?

    Just about ready to do my install of timing gear/chain set. Egge tells me I can get the OEM plastic teeth/aluminum cam gear in the set or go with an all steel one. However the OEM one makes the engine run noticeably quieter than going the all steel gear route. My question is has anyone done...
  18. BornBuick

    Oil Pump & Oil Filter Boss Swap in 364 Nailhead

    Can anyone tell me if can install a 1960 Buick Nailhead's oil pump and oil filter boss is exchangeable/swap onto my 1957 Buick Nailhead. I am thinking about replacing my oil pump and canister oil filter with that of a 1960 Nailhead? I have heard that a 1959 oil pump will work and that the oil...
  19. BornBuick

    364 Nail Head Cooling System Flush Quesitons

    It is now time for an Echo!
  20. BornBuick

    364 Nail Head Cooling System Flush Quesitons

    How does one go about properly flushing out the heads and block on these engines in the car? Before you respond please read below. I am about to go about flushing out my cooling system on a car that has sat for around 30 years. In preparation and to determine the amount of...