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    New Wanted Listing: Need proper nailhead valve cover grommets and blocked intake manifold gaskets

    New Wanted Listing: Need proper nailhead valve cover grommets and blocked intake manifold gaskets A new Wanted listing has been posted by BornBuick: Need proper nailhead valve cover grommets and blocked intake manifold gaskets The description for this listing is...
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    Who makes the best timing chain and gear set out there?

    I thought I would get a good set from Egge Machine. So I ordered and received a cam gear, chain and crank gear manufactured from S.A. Gear Manufacturing Company - Automotive Timing Components out of Bedford Park, Il. The cam gear appears to be cast and not 100% steel. It lacks the proper...
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    Site that makes OEM 57-58 Dual Exhaust System

    Just thought I would give everyone a "heads up". I found this guy on ebay that has been making exhaust systems apparently for a long time. He now has a complete replicated OEM dual exhaust system complete for 1957-58 Buicks. Here is the link...
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    Install nylon teeth cam gear or all steel cam gear in nailhead?

    Just about ready to do my install of timing gear/chain set. Egge tells me I can get the OEM plastic teeth/aluminum cam gear in the set or go with an all steel one. However the OEM one makes the engine run noticeably quieter than going the all steel gear route. My question is has anyone done...
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    Oil Pump & Oil Filter Boss Swap in 364 Nailhead

    Can anyone tell me if can install a 1960 Buick Nailhead's oil pump and oil filter boss is exchangeable/swap onto my 1957 Buick Nailhead. I am thinking about replacing my oil pump and canister oil filter with that of a 1960 Nailhead? I have heard that a 1959 oil pump will work and that the oil...
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    364 Nail Head Cooling System Flush Quesitons

    How does one go about properly flushing out the heads and block on these engines in the car? Before you respond please read below. I am about to go about flushing out my cooling system on a car that has sat for around 30 years. In preparation and to determine the amount of...
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    How To: How DO I Remove A 1957 Buick Heater Core?

    What is the best way to remove the heater core from a1957 Buick Roadmaster? Has anyone out there done this? If so let me know how you went about it and all of what is involved. Thanks in Advance. David
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    How does one remove a 1957 Buick Ignition Lock assembly from the dash?

    I have no keys, and need to remove the ignition from the dash so I can take it to the Lock Smith so he can make a set for me. Has anyone out in Buick land ever actually done this procedure. Would like to know of any special tools needed, or ways to go about it first since the car is not at my...
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    Need exact overall length of 1957 Roadmaster Coupe bumper to bumper

    I will be towing my 1957 Roadmaster Coupe back home so I will need the following: 1) The exact bumper to bumper measurement length Update: Found out from an old brochure it is 17.94 feet or 215.3 inches overall. 2) The exact outside side to side measurement at the body's widest point 3)...
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    What about tapping EFI injectors into a 364 manifold?

    I am wondering if it would be possible to tap and thread into the existing stock cast intake manifolds on 364's so I can attach my electronic injectors into the manifold ports. Now Eldebrock ( bought out Carter AFB), they have a complete EFI with throttle body setup using an aluminum intake...
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    Need a good source for 1957 Roadmaster Interior Code Interpretation

    Question 1: I am trying to find a comprehensive source to decode my interior "Trim" code off of my firewall tag. This source should describe not only the color but the fabric used as well. Also, does anyone know where I can get a pictorial review of the actual interior options which were...
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    Help in Differences between 1957 Roadmaster Models

    I would like to know if anyone can steer me to material that would make clear the real differences between the 1957 Roadmaster Coupe Models: 75R, 76R, & 76A respectively? Of course this would be no doubt the differences available regarding standard options vs. optional options and appearance...
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    What would the buick code be for a 1953 Roadmaster 2 door coupe?

    What would the vehicle code be for a 1953 Roadmaster 2-door coupe? It would start with 76Rxxxxxxx I believe? Dave
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    1953 Roadmaster Dash Question

    I have a question for anyone out there that really knows for sure about the color/emboss coding on the Roadmaster Dashes for 1953. This was in fact the only year in which Buick embossed the lower section of a complete dash design which they had used since 1950. In 1954 they went to a...
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    What frame to use for a 1950 Roadmaster 2-door

    I am searching for the best frame/chassis with entire suspension to use on a 1950 Roadmaster 2-door coupe conversion project with the least amount of problems to contend with. I intend to take the body off of it's original frame/chassis and then bolt the body to the new frame/chassis. I...