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    Ideas for New (used) Work Truck

    I flip houses as as part of my annual income as well as working a full time job. I have been using my diesel 95 3/4 ton Suburban 4x4 for the last five years to lug everything here and there, but it is very high off the ground and you have to put everything in arms reach inside of the doors or...
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    364 into '48 chevy 2-door sedan

    Patrick ( could not seem to post in this section so I cut and pasted his PM here for him: "I just purchased a 57-60 364 and I want to slip it into my '48 chevy 2-door sedan. I was curious if anyone else had experience or had seen...
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    James "Jimmy" Cleveland has passed away

    Posted at request - with sympathy to those he knew and touched:
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    Roller Rocker Question for Tom T.

    Tom, What ratio did you wind up with on the NH roller rockers? I am using my Gessler heads on the 425. They are about .060" away from coil bind at .500" lift. I am using a KB Mark 2H that have .309" and .304" lifts at the cam and .494" and .486" lifts at the valve using a 1.6 ratio. I was...
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    Team Buick Coffee Mug!!

    I recieved one of these today and they are nice: They come with the American Class or American Muscle logo. You may want to point it out to your significant other for the holidays. I am tickled by mine!
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    Nice 66 Cat here.
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    ? for MartinSr

    My 65 Gran Sport needs the front turn signal assemblies and attachment beside the headlight bezels repainted silver. Do you know a brand or color that is close to the original color? :confused: Thanks
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    Little Bit Closer Now!

    There has been some more progress on the 67 back half. I should be able to bring it home this Thursday. Attached are som more pictures for those of you who are following along: Side View: Inside: Passengere Side Tub: Trunk: Rear: Fuel Cell and Pump: It needs the...
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    Galvanized Steel Prep

    There are galvanized steel parts on the back of the quarters under my 66. I have exposed them by taking off the undercoating. When I replaced some of the floor in my 67 with galvanized steel many years back, I remember having to get two bottles of somthing the steel needed to be treated with...
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    67 Back Half Progress

    Well, my chassis builder seems to have found my car again, and has made some progress. A few shots are below in case anyone is interested: Trunk: Inside: Underside: One more of the trunk: I will be painting the parts that will be covered next weekend, and then they...
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    Question for MartinSr

    I am ready to finish the underside of my 66, and will be removing the oil soaked undercoating. I would like to put something else under there that has rust inhibiting qualities and cleans up nicely with soap and water as needed. I have been thinking of spraying on a Eastwoods rust...
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    Paint System?

    I will be painting my 66 GS in the near future. I trust myself to get it in primer and finish coat the jams and around the inside of the doors and fenders trunk and hood. I have a pal that is good at laying the final coats on the body. There are some patches and areas where bare metal is...
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    It has been pretty quiet in this forum. So, I thought there might be some interest in how the 525 Stage IV is fitting into my 67 Skylark. There has been some slow and steady progress. The frame needed to be cleared for the deep pan, the engine needed to be set back an inch for the headers...
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    What Will Your Car Do?

    I'm interested in the quareter mile times and engine, trans and rear combinations people have out there. If you don't mind, I'll start us off with a combination I had, and we can see where this goes! Performance: 11.20 seconds at 120 MPH in a 67 Skylark, shift point at 6400 rpm, 100% racing...