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  1. Duco55

    Wallbro bellows

    Another issue. I have an external Wallbro-Wep11 6V petrol pump. It was New Old Stock. Before the summer I tried it and it did nothing. Upon opening I found the bellows completely gone ( to goo, and never contact with any petrol). I tried ordering a replacement bellows in a revision set, but do...
  2. Duco55

    extra additional waterway to rear of block

    HI all, I searched a bit but could not find anything on this subject. Has somebody experience with an additional water pipe from front to rear of the block in order to improve cooling at the back? Mine is a 263 but with 2 SU carburetors. I was thinking of adding a (copper) pipe first and later...
  3. Duco55

    starter or solenoid issues?

    Hi All Tried the starter of my 263 first time today. First some issues with the relay. Then the starter turned, engaged and actually turned the engine about one turn. But very very slowly. Tthe starter and wires got very hot. After that only the solenoid clicked and the wires got hot again. but...
  4. Duco55

    last L8

    Hi Good year to you all! I was looking into the engine numbers. Mine is from the last year.1953 That year started with 6950620-4. Dos somebody know what the last number was, before everything went to V? met Groet Duco
  5. Duco55

    modern spark plug

    May I start with wishing everybody a very good and healthy 2015! Is there somebody who has an advise on what sparkplugs are best on a 263? I have a set of AC DELCO R45, but I am not sure about them. They seem to have resistors but the ones advised by reseller sites also have them. any tip...
  6. Duco55


    Hi Guys, Maybe somebody can give me a hand.? I am working on the wiring and have a problem. I am working with the diagram (series40), but do not understand the part around the cranking motor and the solenoid. ( see picture) My set up is simple. From BAT on generator to AM meter and...
  7. Duco55

    Outlets of waterpump

    Hi all, I am building my 263 block into the chassis. On the waterpump are 3 outlets. From my notes, Photos and Books i can not figure out the exact function. I am pretty sure the top two are for the heating, and can be blanked off. but what is the function of the lower and longer one? And what...