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    67 Skylark engine size

    I think you are right. We have a partial list of casting numbers for the small block Buick here: I cant quite make out your intake casting number, but you may be able to confirm it is a 340 using the intake casting number. The...
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    67 Skylark engine size

    If it has four bolt valve covers it is either a 300 or 340. If it has a four barrel carb it is most likely a 340 as there were no 4 barrel 300s in 67 - only 2 barrels. If the engine is not original, all bets are off! Six bolt valve covers would be a Buick 350 from 68 on. They are almost a...
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    Borg Warner (Tremec) T-56 in a 73 Electra?

    There are some conversion companies that sell all the parts to convert to a T-65 manual. You will need a specialty BOP to T-56 bell housing or a mounting plate adapter that will allow the T-56 to fit a BOP bell housing. They have kits for the larger chevys that will share some of the parts you...
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    New to forum
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    New to forum

    That Lesabre has a serious look from the front. It could be a little frightening coming at you or up behind you. I like it though!
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    New to forum

    Some nice Buick projects there Ronnie - Welcome! I am not sure what the Packard looks like, but we all like pictures here.
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    How to remove 364 Nailhead oil pan?

    I think you can remove the steering arms with the car suspended, but be careful of any rubber boots if you use a pickle fork. Make sure the back tires are immobilized too. I am still not sure that the front of the pan will not get stuck between front main cap and frame crossmember when you...
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    How to remove 364 Nailhead oil pan?

    Hopefully you are secure on jackstands first and foremost or up on blocks with the wheels chocked. You don't have to remove the mounts, but just the bolts that connect the mounts to the frame pads. Then you need to lift the engine enough to slip the pan out the back. You may have to remove the...
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    How to remove 364 Nailhead oil pan?

    Yes the flywheel cover will have to come off, but you will also need to take the bolts out of the motor mounts and lift the engine some to get enough clearance to pull the pan out.
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    Buick Lesabre 1963 Staion Wagon

    That is fantastic Alen!
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    ‘67 GS; Muncie swap

    Unless yours were custom made, the headers are either/or when it comes to auto and manuals . But, that doesn't mean there won't be fitment issues. The manufacturers made them to fit as many years and applications as possible. This means moving or denting a tube now and again to make them work...
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    ‘67 GS; Muncie swap

    Jared, In your shoes, I would just do a trans that already had OD like a Richmond 5 speed or T-65 6 speed. Then something on the order of 3.55 gears would be in order.
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    1966 Transmission?

    You may want to put 12 volts to the posts on the side of the trans to make sure the solenoids are working. The rebuild is not that different from a TH 400. A shop that id good with the TH 400 should have no issue with the ST 400. The converter is the thing you want to watch out for if...
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    455 exhaust flange

    I think you are talking about the heat riser valve that is on the end of the manifold. It keeps heat in the engine until the butterfly inside opens.
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    OMG, what has happened when I was away!!!

    I approved a post the other day in the approval queue. I have two tools under Morerator: Approval Queue and Reports. The other tools that were available to me are not in the new system.
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    340 Engine Rebuild

    TA Performance has the high and low compression pistons for the 300/340.
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    Can't breathe, no power

    Or, take it to a "Test and Tune" day at your local dragway armed with your timing light and a jet kit for your carb. It would be more fun and less expensive then your tuner.
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    1966 Buick Electra Engine