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  1. TODD

    Dynaflow - Which function has this part?

    The piece in the pictures is the Reverse Brake Band Anchor. It keeps the stationary (thick) end of the reverse band in position. The hook on the anchor fits onto the band.
  2. TODD

    67 leSabre power brake conversion

    I would agree with Bob that the B1425 booster should fit properly if all the specific parts for a Delco Moraine power drum brake setup are present. The description of the B1425 indicates it is a remanufactured factory unit. So it is not a new, reverse-engineered assembly that might suffer from...
  3. TODD

    1967 Buick Special seat buttons

    Ken, I think you are looking for the decorative buttons attached to the seat upholstery. The part numbers are different for the seat bottom cushion buttons vs. the seat back buttons. The bottom cushion button GM part nos are 7667138 thru 7667142 and 7687586 depending on color. The seat...
  4. TODD

    Removing rear axle to replace leaking torque tube seal and transmision.

    1938 Shop Manual info on transmission support:
  5. TODD

    WANTED 38 Transmission Mount cross bar with mount

    Here are some pages from the 1938 Shop Manual that show the transmission support. Going by the shop manuals and parts books, the 1938 Series 40 parts were not used by any other models. The 1940 support was more like the 1938 Series 60-80-90 design. P. S.: Since attachments cannot be added to...
  6. TODD

    where to buy?

    After researching this site, it appears to have no satisfied customers. Looks like it is not a legitimate business. Will not be referring any more shoppers to that site.
  7. TODD

    1957 Buick Century

    Buick Master Parts Books show the power steering belt was GM part no 1175470. It was superceded 11/70 by no 3986189. Length is 54-1/2". The generator belt is GM part no 1163447. Length is 53". Some aftermarket suppliers get confused about early and late '57 belt types. For non-A/C cars, there...
  8. TODD

    Front wheel bearing installation

    Here is a J3082 expander up for sale on eBay. It is just a tapered round block that spreads the seal open gradually and lets it slide on to the bearing cone without damage. These were probably very scarce outside of Buick dealerships...
  9. TODD

    where to buy?

    The GM part number is 1378044. It was used on all 1965-67 Buicks with the ST300 or ST400 transmission. Here is a NOS item listed at 2040 Parts. Hope this listing is still valid.
  10. TODD

    1961 Buick 2 door flat top vin question

    Jeff, 060138 = sequential number unique to the car. The range for Flint-built full size cars that year was 001001 to 076526. It also appears in the engine serial number which is stamped on the block. A match confirms the car has its original engine.
  11. TODD

    Power steering

    The drawing in the '57 shop manual is faint and the instructions are a little vague. Loosening the 2 bolts that hold the pump to the bracket will allow the pump to pivot around the outer mounting bolt. Then the belt can be removed after the tension is released. See attached drawing from the...
  12. TODD

    38 Special Model 41

    The 1938 Shop Manual shows the rocker arm cover to have 3 studs for attachment. The 1939 manual shows 2 studs. A page in the '39 manual details how the change was made midway through the '38 model year (see attached). The Buick Master Parts book shows the change occurred at engine no 3525209...
  13. TODD

    78 231 V6 Vacuum Fitting

    The GM part no of the 2-port fitting is 1249223. The alternate 3-port fitting is a 1254622. These also show up in Chevy, Pontiac, and Olds parts books where they used the Buick 231 and 196 V6 engines.
  14. TODD

    Fuel Line 1957 Buick Wagon

    The fuel line is 5/16" id. See attached message string on the topic from April where Gates green stripe hose is recommended: The in-tank filter was only supplied on early 1957 cars...
  15. TODD

    Horn button removal 40 Special

    The spring is part no 1315101 and was used on all Buicks 1940-54 with the flexible steering wheel. There have been a couple on eBay in the last few months. With luck the guy may have more to sell: Here is a similar...
  16. TODD

    Carter AFB fast idle cam position trouble

    Here are some photos from the '66 Pontiac Tempest shop manual. Fig. 6B-98 looks the same as the grainy image you found. This one shows the trip lever (red) and lockout lever (green) are installed correctly. The fast idle cam (blue) needs to be removed and rotated CCW and reinstalled so that...
  17. TODD

    Canadian California GS

    Rod, According to this old thread, only 59 were built in Canada!
  18. TODD

    head light accessories for 1968 Skylark

    Here's a link to the 1972 edition of the Buick Chassis and Body Master Parts Books. This one is ideal for '68 models. These show every part available in the dealership as of the date of printing (Feb. 1972):
  19. TODD

    head light accessories for 1968 Skylark

    The Buick Master Parts Books show the GM part numbers which will help greatly in the search. The standoff nut for attaching the headlight door is GM no 1383497. AMK Products shows their no B-15032 for the 1383497...
  20. TODD

    1957 BUICK CENTURY fuel leak help

    The Buick Master Parts Book shows the fuel line is 5/16" id. The fuel line comes off the bottom of the tank as shown in the attached pages from the Chassis Service Manual and some Product Service Bulletins. To replace the hose and service the in-tank fuel filter, the tank will have to be...