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    Ick! AdServe makes poor life choices

    It would make a change from the ones using outright lies to sell Bitcoin.
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    73 Buick Centurion rhd steering box and associated parts requests

    Is a RHD rack & pinion available for the Centurion? They're not cheap, but I've seen them available for quite a few American cars.
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    1970 GTO tow hitch fit a '69 Skylark?

    Will a tow hitch from a '70 GTO fit a '69 Skylark? I can get the GTO one locally (well at least in Australia) and wonder if anyone can confirm the interchange? Thanks for all replies, Chris
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    Oil Pan Bolts

    Dropped the oil pan out of my Buick last night. Getting dark & I was over cars for the day. About to reinstall it & notice 2 bolts are longer than the others. Where on the pan do they go? Engine is a Buick 350 in a '69 Skylark. Thanks for all help- I need it ATM. Chris
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    Spring Suggestions

    Seeking advice on spring selection for my '69 Skylark. 2 Dr Htp, Buick 350,TH 350. Not after racecar handling, but something a little firmer than stock. Tall ball joints & offset upper shafts going in at the same time. It's a cruiser, but I'm tired of slowing down for every corner. Stock 7/8"...
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    "GEN' light stays on with ign off

    “IGN” light won’t go out- even with the switch off & key out. I never had the problem after I did the column the first time. I revisted the column to replace the sector gear, ign switch & preload spring.The car was fine until I replaced them. Got it all together and now the car cranks (...
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    Best radiator supplier

    My '69 Skylark needs a new radiator. Could someone recommend a good supplier? I'd like to go to a 4 row, but keep the stock fan & shroud. Since I live in Australia, I need to the correct one, first time. I've dealt with OPGI, but their prices are steeper than others I've seen. So could I...
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    Auto Parts

    http://kalecoauto.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=8&zenid=cdv2akv4pqd00l9o10e695t0m6 I won't be shopping there any time soon.....................Enjoy a laugh. Happy New Year! Cheers, Chris
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    Small car show.

    On holiday with Anne, and stumbled on this small car show. We wished we had the Skylark with us, would have added another 50% to the number of Buicks there. The wagon will be familar, but the Chevrolet is more obscure. It's a late 60's Holden Monaro, rebadged, and with a new grill & front...
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    Tracing my cars history

    I'd like to trace my cars history, I have the CA title & licence plate details. Just fired off a letter to the last owner's address- I might get lucky. The CA DMV want international customers to write ( I'm in Australia) so a letter is on its way there. I know it was built in CA, but that's...
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    '69 Skylark won't start.Help.

    I left the ign on overnight and killed the battery. New battery, cranks but won't start. Also had the Q jet off for a rebuild at the same time. I doubt its a fuel issue since even with a gulp of petrol down the Q jet, not so much as a cough. I'll sort out the fuel side later. I get 12V at...
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    '69 Skylark pwr drums

    Can any one please enlighten me? Are the power drum brake shoes for a '69 Skylark the same as the ones for Chev Malibu? My online research so far gives a qualified 'yes' Local brake shop ( Brendale Australia) has a match for relining the Chev's shoes, not the Buicks. My drums are just under...
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    Horn button on 69 Skylark

    Hi, I took the steering wheel of the to centralise it and managed to break the horn comnection where it goes through the wheel and plugs into a round connector with a small coil spring behind it. Tried plugging it back in but it won't stay there. Any clues? Camera is playing up so no...
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    Q Jet Woes

    Q jet on my 69 Skylark 350. The accelerator pump doesn't squirt any fuel down the primarys at all. 2 questions. With the auto choke not working it makes cold starts a PITA. 1) accel pump lever & linkage are good, so I think its the plunger ass'y. 2) Could it be the discharge check ball? I...
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    '69 Skylark wheels

    Confusion about the difference between the "Super Sport" option V7 and the "Chrome Plated" wheels, option V2. My '69 Skylark has these wheels. I assume they are the chrome plated ones? Can someome enlighten me please?
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    Fuel Gauge '69 Skylark

    Fuel gauge in the Skylark is stuck on 'full' Any clues as to where I should start? In another life, when I was fixing Holdens, the test to determine if it was gauge or sender was to disconnect the wire to the sender and earth it out. If the gauge went to full, problem was the sender. GM...
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    C pillar badges on '69 Skylark Custom

    My ( or will be from Saturday) Skylark Custom 2 Dr HTP has the vinyl roof. Question is, what did the badges mounted on the C pillar look like. Looking up from the trunk (boot to us Aussies) I can see some holes- and through the vinyl I can feel the mounting holes for said badge. I've been...
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    Another down under newbie

    G'day from Brisbane Australia. Nick name is Webby, about to (if it passes muster) buy a '69 Skylark. I'm an ex mechanic with lots of experience on '71 onwards Holdens which have a suprising amount of commonality with the GM A bodies. So expect to hear from me- assuming I get the car...