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    1951 Buick special 4 door sedan light project

    Are you selling the 51?
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    1951 Buick special 4 door sedan light project

    I live in Central Oregon near Sisters. Where id you pick up the car?
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    55 roadmaster rear axle questions

    You should crawl under your car and get familiar with how the rear end and transmission are connected. There is an enclosed drive shaft. The rear end is held in location by the drive shaft tube. You will have to change your transmission and rear end if you want an open drive shaft. It will...
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    Fuel Injection Carb question:

    The actual switch on the carb. is vacuum. I would think you could find a vacuum switch sensitive to vacuum. This switch would be normally closed till the engine starts and then vacuum would open the switch. The first switch could be an arm type switch that is activated by throttle movement...
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    Correct axle bearings/seals '70 GS 455

    If your differential is still together, you can tear it down and all the bearings and seals have part numbers on them and those numbers can be used to get new ones.
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    CALLING ALL DYNAFLOW GURU's Question About Dynaflow differences

    I have a late model dynaflow with an open driveshaft sitting in my shop.
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    September 21st, Spokane, Washington

    My 52 will not be ready by then.
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    1952 Temerature Gage

    If I remember correctly, if you screw in the temp. sender into the block, and then use to long go a bolt to hold the rocker arm mount to the head it will reach all the way to the temp. sender, then you break the sender trying to get it out because it is held by the rocker arm support bolt.
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    1952 Temerature Gage

    I had mine rebuilt. I like that route because then all the gauge faces are weathered the same. I could look up the name of the rebuilder if you are interested.
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    What paint is possible?

    Start reading some books, buy some tools and do it yourself. When you are done it will be very rewarding. You will then be the expert and you will a lot of money left over to take your wife on a nice trip for putting up with you out in the shop all those evenings.
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    51 Super Swap

    I am in the middle of a nailhead conversion in a 52 Buick Super. There are no kits for this conversion, everything has to be fabricated. You will have to install a more modern transmission, a new rear differential, most likely a trailing arm suspension if you retain the coil springs. If you...
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    Console placement help needed

    I am not familiar with a 68 Wildcat. Does it share a frame with any other GM product. If your transmission is a Turbo 400 maybe parts from another GM will also work on your car?
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    Console placement help needed

    If you are going to have a floor shift through the console the shifter linkage will dictate where the shifter lever is. The hole in the console for the shift lever movement will determine where console is placed.
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    For Sale 52 Window Trim Molding

    Have 52 Super two door hardtop. I have no use for the stainless trim around the windows. It is perfect. I will take pictures if anyone is interested. Make offer.
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    52 Window Trim Molding

    suntreemcanic submitted a new listing: 52 Window Trim Molding - 52 Window Trim Molding Learn more about this listing...
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    Motor mount frame support

    rcull, first thank you for the picture. That is a great picture, you must not live in a desert. I have a motor mount in my hand and I can not see anyway it would attach to what I see in the picture. From my research all the common Buicks used the same motor mount. I need to find another inch...
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    Motor mount frame support

    I am putting a 425 nailhead in my 52 Buick. I bought some motor mounts that fit 425's. I can not picture in my mind what the frame mount looks like to build some. Does anyone have a picture of one?
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    2900 RPM to 2300 RPM @ 60 MPH

    Well I am back almost a year later, after my mom died we discovered there was a reverse mortgage on her house that I did not know about. Took a while to get that straightened out. I bought the house back from the government spent the winter fixing it up and we just sold it. Now I can get back...
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    How can this be?

    It has to be original engine with a assembly line screw up. What would be chances of finding another engine one number different off. I would think that would be a great conversation starter.
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    Now I have a parts car

    I met a man at a car show who I had not seen in 15 years. He is around 80 years old and said he was cleaning up his yard. He told me I was the only man he knew that had a big body 52 Buick. He said he would make me a good deal on his two 1952 parts cars, $400 for both. I had never saw them...