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    55 roadmaster rear axle questions

    i learned that on some caddys they had an open drive shaft but will have to change the tail shaft an tailshaft housing on my car . either way I have decided not to go with this swap until after I repaint the car .
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    55 roadmaster rear axle questions

    I have this idea in my head that I can swap the rear end in my 55 to something more modern , an im not absolutely positive if it will work so this may be lengthy any input is very much appreciated. I will start at the beginning. I would love to retain the dynaflow transmission,{ I still have...
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    55 roadmaster riviera resto mod

    I'm back life came at me for a while made some changes to the 55 found a lot of the parts I was looking for through dumb luck , the car hasn't changed much except for bullet wheel centers ,fog lamps and an oem reproduction rad an lake pipes. but it got a bout 1500 miles on it since then . an now...
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    55 roadmaster 322 with 2 speed dynaflow wont shift on its own ? HELP

    Hello , I have searched the forum trying to learn about this transmission I have in my roadmaster its a cast iron 2 speed dynaflow an something feels off about it to me an its driving me nuts . I drove the car about 20 or so miles before I began my work on it an it dosent seem to me that this...
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    55 roadmaster riviera resto mod

    just seems right to continue my build here . in brief I had seen this car a couple times at shows for sale an now its mine , as to its condition its had a lot of bad owners who either started repairing something an stopped or had a decent idea on how to fix something an just didn't follow...
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    new here hello all

    hello all , looking forward to learning as much as I can here I just purchased my second buick , an hopefully saved it from further neglect . I had seen this one at a few shows an it was for sale . luck had it now its mine , after looking it over there has been changes by previous owners that...