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  1. tjbian

    Comment by 'tjbian' in item '1940 Buick Eight Special'

    She actually looks quite solid. Now all she needs is many hours and lots of money. Good luck!! I have owned my 1940 Super for almost 52 years and am still inserting money. She is currently undergoing an engine and transmission overhaul and then I will hopefully be done.
  2. tjbian

    Comment by 'tjbian' in item 'Fifty Year Project'

    Thanks, AL. Keep pluggin'.Things got easier for me once eBay came along as well as this Forum and The AACA Buick Forum.
  3. Fifty Year Project

    Fifty Year Project

    I bought my 1940 Buick Super for $100.00 in August 1969. After 50 years and a few dollars it is close to being done. Sometime before 1964 the engine was replaced with a 1948 Super 248. It has run great for me for 50 years but now is tired and leaky so is being treated to a total rebuild...