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  1. 1939_buick

    Manual transmission behind my 364

    Depending on the year of your car, will also need significant engineering changes from torque tube to open drive for the diff location. Has been done before, but a lot more than just changing the transmission.
  2. 1939_buick

    How to read axle housing for ratio...1953, 1954

    Most (all?) of the (easy) swaps are into series 40 Special & series 60 Century cars using diff's up to 1954. I do not have my parts books with me, but from memory series 80(70?) Roadmaster & series 90 Limited diff's are very different. Brakes are a lot bigger. So I suspect not the simple swap...
  3. 1939_buick

    Decoding a 1946 Buick Super VIN

    Not for 1946. And no "build sheets" VIN did not start until mid 1950's and were not standardised until 1981, with the 17 characters In USA some states titled cars by the engine serial number and others by the frame/chassis serial...
  4. 1939_buick

    Search : 38 Special pinion mate shaft

    As part W Group 5.517? As above expect this will be common over many years Unsure if image will show for you. Is linked from AACA.Org
  5. 1939_buick

    Help to Identify my 1935 Buick

    Sign up (free) and ask here ---> Where are you~car located?
  6. 1939_buick

    Help to Identify my 1935 Buick

    Nice car. What are your intentions with it? 4557 = 56S Sports coupe with rumble seat 4 = Buick 5 = 50 series 57 = body style GM Buick Canada had a different numbering system to GM Buick USA
  7. 1939_buick

    1939 Buick

    The topic may get more traction in There a few suttle difference between the Owen C recon torque ball ex Napier (as photos above) and some photos I have of a NOS
  8. 1939_buick

    Mount a 1951 body on a 1973 riviera frame

    From 1951 46 wheelbase = 121.5 1975 Rivera wheelbase - 127 But I have read about guys putting old bodies on 1970's chassis. You just...
  9. 1939_buick

    1939 fenders

    Try Dave Tacheny as in 1940 the same or very close