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  1. Shakadula51

    Really in trouble on my GS400 rear

    I blew the spider gears on my 293 10 bolt, 28 spline rear. I cant find replacement spider gears. Can anyone help.
  2. Shakadula51

    67 GS Power steering gearbox Leak

    At least I think the leak is from the gearbox. Can I use a dye in the PS Reservoir to determine where the leak is? Don’t want to mess anything up with the dye. Also, a friend mentioned I should just replace it. Thoughts on a rockauto rebuilt replacement. Thanks
  3. Shakadula51

    Information gathering on EFI

    Don’t shoot me for moving off original. Just trying to get some info for adding something like a Holley Sniper EFI to my 67 GS 400. I believe the car will run better and have better gas milage. I drive my car around 1000 per year. My questions are 1- has anyone run into problems adding...
  4. Shakadula51

    Conv top very minor issue

    I have a 20 year old vinyl convt top where a flap has separated from the underside of the top above the plastic window. I have tried 3m adhesive but no luck. This was the contact spray. I am worried about trying other things so am asking for ideas. Whatever I try it can’t bleed through the...
  5. Shakadula51

    My GS will need to be outside for a few cover question

    My car is always garaged with a dust cover that works. I find that I will need to store my car outside for awhile and really need a recommendation on a 100% waterproof car cover. Once I finish with this usage I will use the cover on a different car so I would like a cover that can handle snow...
  6. Shakadula51

    67 GS new bucket seat covers and trim paint question

    Hi all, I am finally getting around to replacing my black seat covers with new black covers and foam from year one. This is a bigger job than I thought. It ain’t hard but taking out those hog rings is tedious to say the least. 6 hours in and I am still on the first seat. This includes taking...
  7. Shakadula51

    Sick over my star wars air cleaner base

    I won’t go through all the gory details but I suspect my wife threw out the base to my star wars air cleaner. I can’t find it and she doesn’t remember and I can’t find it anywhere. My question; has anyone used a different base, say from an edelbrock air cleaner, to use with the star wars air...
  8. Shakadula51

    67 GS Convt Top Window Zipper Slider

    The zipper slider on my convt rear plastic window broke in two. It seems to be metal and I have no clue how to find a replacement let alone install it. The plastic window is in excellent condition as are the teeth the slider so I would like to replace the slider. Any ideas on how to get the...
  9. Shakadula51


    Just a test.
  10. Shakadula51

    67 GS 400 Star Wars Air Cleaner help

    Has anyone been able to run a non oem carb with a star wars air cleaner? I am using a holley 650 cfm but it just sits too high and bumps the hood when I place the star wars air cleaner on. I can't seem to find an orig Rochester carb anywhere. NAPA used to have them but no more. I would even...
  11. Shakadula51

    Another temp issue on a 67 GS 400

    Sorry for this post but I am at a loss. I am sure you all are tired of overheating issues. My temp gauge shoots up to 230 degrees at idle and back down just as quick when I rev to 2500 rpms in neutral. New coolent, hoses, belts, thermostat........the fan seems fine and I do have the stock...
  12. Shakadula51

    Heater control valve vacuum question

    I have not had heat in my car for a few years and am now attempting to solve the problem. My vacuum control module on the blower motor is busted. Tried to repair it but the repair didn't work. My car has factory air. My one heater hose from the heater control valve never gets real hot so I...
  13. Shakadula51

    67 GS400 Holley Carb Jetting

    I won't go into why I am running a Holley but it is what it is. I have a heavy gas smell all the time and at startup I have black smoke out of the exhaust actually staining my driveway with soot. It seemed to occur around the time I put the holley on I think. Anyway the carb is currently jetted...
  14. Shakadula51

    67 GS 400 trunk torsion rods install

    Finally found a set of replacement torsion rods for my car. Now I have no idea how to install them. Does anyone have illustrations or pictures you a 67 trunk so I may install without breaking them cause I don't think I'll find another set. Thanks. I have the 67 manuals but they are not helping me.
  15. Shakadula51

    67 GS400 gauges

    I began working on my interior and started playing around with some ideas. I made a little enclousure for my aftermarket radio which I don't like. Gotta change that out. I am also working on getting a retro tach to look like the original GS tach. I have the old tach but it just doesn't work. I...
  16. Shakadula51

    Timing cover seal (non-rope)

    Just bought a new timing cover for my 67 GS 400. It came with a rubber seal in a metal housing, which I like better than the rope seal cause I can never get them installed right so they don't leak. Anyway, the new seal does not go into the new timing cover at all. I have a seal driver kit but...