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    Soundproofing my '66 Skylark

    I've used Dynamat (and equivalents) on other cars in the past, and it always made a noticeable difference in cutting down road noise. Has anyone done theirs? Can I get to the exterior surface inside the doors? Kick panels? Under the carpet on the floorboards? Under the rear seat bottom...
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    '66 Trans stator/kickdown switch mounting

    I have the switches and wiring for my switch pitch, but not the bracket/hardware that attaches the stator/kickdown switch (the lone with the long plunger). The plunger attaches to the carb linkage, but I have no idea how the other end of the switch is attached. Does anybody have one I can buy...
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    My gear indicator on the dash does not line up -- how do/can I adjust it?

    My '66 Skylark shifts properly, but the indicator in the dash is off by about an inch to the left. Anyone know how to correct this?
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    Newbie here. Love my "new" '66 Skylark coupe

    Woo hoo awesome white Skylark! So much nicer ride than the Corvair Corsa I'll be selling! Question: Can I run regular gas in my stock/rebuilt 300? The specs say so, but just checking to see what you folks all do. Thanks in advance, Ron