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  1. firstofeight

    Wanted. Aluminum valve cover for a 248/263

    firstofeight submitted a new listing: Wanted. Aluminum valve cover for a 248/263 - Wanted. Aluminum valve cover for a 248/263 Learn more about this listing...
  2. firstofeight

    Modified '51 263

    Folks, I have "hopped up" a 263. Bored, new pistons, re-ground cam, head work with larger valves, new springs, etc. I am having a problem with the hydraulic lifters. I used the cam that came in the engine, which is hydraulic lifter equipped. Problem is the lifters will not stay pumped up...
  3. firstofeight

    "hopped up" 263

    Hi, folks, I have bored block by .125 [ to 85mm], added Arris 9.5:1 compression pistons and had Dema Elgin grind a cam. The head was modified with larger valves, 3 angle grind. Head was cleaned up on intake ports. I installed in place of the 248 in my 1950 Special. Sometime ago, I...
  4. firstofeight

    Crank dampener/pulley

    I want to replace the V pulley with a serpentine pulley. Will this change the dynamic balance ? Thanks Ben
  5. firstofeight

    Rocker arm disassembly

    I am working on a 263. In trying to dis assemble the rocker arm assembly , seems the stands are very tight. Arms are free. Are the stands just pressed onto the shaft?. Should they slide right off? I do not want to break one. Thanks Ben
  6. firstofeight

    Casting number on crankshaft

    Can the engine series, year be determined from a casting number? # 1340600 Yhanks Ben
  7. firstofeight


    Any one know about KD. Have not seen him on here in a while. I have sent a couple messages with no reply. Hoping all is well Ben
  8. firstofeight

    Building a 263

    Folks, I have been here awhile. I have enjoyed interacting with ALL Buick folks, but most of all, the straight eight community. Just too little of that! I am seriously considering building a 263 to install in my '50 Special. I rebuilt the original 248 that is in it. Only wish I had "warmed"...
  9. firstofeight


    I have been a member for six months or so. I find I am unable to access the albums. Not authorized. Can any one explain why? Thanks Ben
  10. firstofeight

    1950 converted to 12v

    I have read a lot of different posts on here about 12v conversions. Have not found the exact answer to my problem. Converted to 12v in order to install a TBI in place of the carb. I am happy with that. The problem I have is with the starter. I kept the 6v starter. Some times when engaging...