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  1. Houtan

    Quadrajet fixed Idle air bypass

    Hi everyone, Do we really need fixed Idle air bypass on Quadrajets? I tested two type of Quadrajets first my original 455 stage 1 Quadrajet ane secont I have a Quadrajet from 1968 Pontiac GTO. both of them on my 455 stage 1 when I tap close the fixed idle air bypass my Idle will goes better. do...
  2. Houtan

    455 stage 1 vacuum advanced

    Thanks Larry, I checked parts when I started to overhaul the engine, The distributor`s body number is 1112521 3H 2 and its vacuum advance number is 520 10, I`m third owner of the car and all parts as I checked on engine bay and rear end was matching numbers but I`m not sure about vacuum advanced...
  3. Houtan

    455 stage 1 vacuum advanced

    Hi everyone, I have a question about vacuum advanced on 455 stage 1 engines, In 1974 455 Stage 1 vacuum advanced was 10 degrees, non stage 1 engines was 18 degrees. I overhauled the engine and changed compression ratio higher, also get rid of 1974 emission parts and used street strip camshaft...
  4. Houtan

    Buick 455 police pack alternator?

    Hi everyone In 1974 Buick shop manual for A bodies we have 37 AMP (1100947) as Alternator standard, for air con models 42AMP (1100926), that both are 10SI models, but we have also police pack option alternator that is 80 AMP (1101018) that I guess this is a 27SI model alternator, If I`m wrong...
  5. Houtan

    BB and BC transmission differences

    I`m in middle restoration my 1974 century gran sport 455 stage 1, now I found out previous owner had changed the transmission and installed a BC-69 th400 on the car (from a 430 Wildcat or Electra), I know BB-70 are unique and different with other BBs but want to know what is differences between...
  6. Houtan

    Best transmission fluid for TH400

    Thanks bob, I guess the Dexron B or later formula (Type A etc.) have sperm whale oil additive and from 1973 sperm whale oil was banned in the US and Dexron II C is new formulation for 1973. They used some herbal oils like Jojoba as additive on them. Dexron II C had corrosion problem and they...
  7. Houtan

    Best transmission fluid for TH400

    Hi everyone, I want to change TH400 transmission fluid in my 1974 GS 455 Stage 1, There is Dexron II D, Dexron III G and Dexron VI available here, Dexron III has lover viscosity than original Dexron II and Dexron VI is even lower, My question is what is my benefit on going for lover viscosity...
  8. Houtan

    1974 original 455 stage 1 AC compressor

    Hi everyone, I have question about about original 1974 Century 455 GS stage 1 original AC compressor, when I bought the car there was no AC compressor and it`s wiring on the car. Please help me witch model A6 is correct original on this engine, If I good remember stage 1 models have bigger belt...
  9. Houtan

    Original Battery for 455

    Thanks Todd for the catalog pages, I found today a 90Ah battery very high CCA. I don`t know what group size it is (11.88x5x7.87 inches) but my GS is 1974 and it fits really nice in there. This was most powerful battery with acceptable size. I hope that my Alternator can handle it, It is...
  10. Houtan

    Original Battery for 455

    Hi everyone, Does anyone knows what was ampere rate of Delco Energizer R89S and C89? I want to change my battery and want to chose the right battery, In shop manual R89S is standard and C89 optional for 455 engines and I need their specs for choosing best battery from new batteries.
  11. Houtan

    Best fan system for 455 stage 1

    Hi everyone, I have Non clutch 7 blade fan and 7 and 5 clutch driving fans, I guess original fan for 455 with AC was 5 blade clutch drive fans, now my question is witch system is better for 455 stage 1 engines, Original 5 blade or non clutch 7 blades? I want to use 160 degree thermostat and my...
  12. Houtan

    1974 Buick Century GS original tire size

    Hi everyone, In restoration process now is time for tires, please let me know what was the original 1974 Buick Century Gran sport stage1 tire size from witch tire brand and what is closest new modern tire size to the original ones?
  13. Houtan

    Best torque for main 455 caps

    Hi everyone, In Buick service manual torque for main bearing caps for 455 BBB is 115 lb ft. I send my engine to machine shop and after they done I find out that they test the clearance with lower torque number and now with 115 lb ft. crank will lock and dosen`t rotate. It is machine shops fault...
  14. Houtan

    Using Carter Thermoquad 800 cfm on 455 stage 1

    Hi, I need your opinion about using a 800 cfm Thermoquad from 440 Magnum engine on my 455 stage 1. Are they as good as 800 cfm Quadrahet carburetors on any RPM?
  15. Houtan

    Buick 455 Stage 1 stock camshaft specs

    Hi everyone, Anyone can help me find stock 455 stage 1 camshaft specs? I need to know what was stock stage 1 camshafts lifts, lobe separation and durations at 050
  16. Houtan

    Decrease combustion chamber of 1975 455 cylinder head

    Hi everyone, Please inform me is it possible to make some machine shops on 1975 455 cylinder heads, taking some layers off, for decreasing combustion chamber from 78cc to 69cc like 1970 455 cylinder heads? If I doing such machine shops will it cause troubles? over heating or making cylinder...
  17. Houtan

    430 heads on 455 block

    Hi everyone, I have found very good condition heads casting number 1377979 on 430 engine, on BBB casting numbers : , says that this casting number is for 400, 430, 455 engines. So please anyone can help me on following...
  18. Houtan

    Buick Century Gran Sport 455 wiring diagram

    Hi everyone, I need wiring diagrams for my 1974 Century GS 455, Please anybody can help me with this?