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    2000 Regal Rear View Mirror

    Hello Buick Enthusiasts, The windshield mounter rear view mirror fell off and is dangling by the wires. I have repaired others before. I bought the adhesive and attempted to install but I could not release the metal button at the mounting base. In the past there has been a set screw, but this...
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    2000 Super-charged Buick Regal

    Hi Guys, Just wondering my anti lock brake warning light has come on, along with service vehicle soon and no traction control light. In Your opinion, what are some of thepossibilities that would cause these symptoms?
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    Check Engine Light on

    Howdy Gents, I have a 1992 Buick Regal Gran Sport (second car) with 170,000 miles on it. The car as been running great the past 2 1/2 years. Just routine maintenance. I was coming home from work last week and the service engine soon light came on just as I was coming down the street. The next...
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    Water Pump

    :waving: Hey Guys, I am replacing the waterpump along with belts,hoses and coolant on my winter ride, A 1992 Buick Regal Gran Sport, with a 3800 V-6 with 150,000 miles on the odometer. This car runs fantastic. I was just wondering what kind of torque I should put on the Bolts. :confused: The...
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    Undercarriage Colors

    :waving: Hey Guys, I have my undercarriage almost completely de-greased and stripped down to bare metal. I know that the chassis should be painted Chassis black. I already have the correct engine paint from Bill Hirsch. What are the correct colors for some of the other parts, such as the...
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    E-mail Notification

    For some steange reason I am not getting E-mail notification. I can't figure out why. They Just stopped I want to user CP and the boxes are checked and all options seem to be in order. Any/All HELP! will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Tom Gallagher
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    2000 Super-charged Buick Regal

    Where can I get a Scooped Hood , GNX Grille and an Upgraded Exhaust system for my 2007 Supercharged Regal. Regards, Tom Gallagher
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    Concept Gran Sport

    Here is a Buick I would Buy :thumbsup: Regards, :beers: Tom Gallagher :shield:
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    Lucas Oil Products

    Have any Buick Team Members used any If So? What do You Think about them? :confused: do they work? or are they just a $Money-making Gimic Regards,:beers: Tom Gallagher :shield:
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    Floor Pans 1954-1956

    :waving: Hey Mid 50's Enthusiasts I just saw some Floor Pans on E-Bay Regards,:beers: Tom Gallagher :shield:
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    Mid Fifty's Buicks

    :waving: Hey Guys Here is a nice Article :thumbsup: Regards,:beers: Tom Gallagher :shield:
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    322 Oil Pump Screen

    :waving: Hey Guys, Just by Chance Does Any Fellow Member know where I can get a Replacement Screen for a '56 322 Oil Pump Housing? :confused: Any and All Follow-Up Posts and Valued Information regarding the Subject Matter will be Greatly Appreciated! :thumbsup: Regards, :beers: Tom Gallagher...
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    Parts Washing Solvent.

    :waving: Hey Guys I just picked up a handy little 3.5 gallon Parts Washer. What would be the BEST Solvent to use. Thanks in advance for your usual valued cooperation :thumbsup: Regards, :beers: Tom Gallagher :shield:
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    Nailhead 322 Oil Pump Screen

    :waving: Hey Nailhead Enthusiasts, I just drained the oil and remover the pan and cleaned it out. The Oil Pump Screen and Housing are covered in "Sludge" :eek: I removed most of the exterior "gunk" and I noticed that the housing is attached to the base of the pump with a few screws. Can the...
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    Dynaflow Questions

    :waving: Hey Fellow Members. I just drained the Dynaflow Transmission Fluid. I removed and cleaned the Pan. I also Removed the Flywheel Cover turned the engine and removed the Two Drain plups to empty the Torque Converter. The Manaual says to remove the Screen and Clean it. (Which it Does need...
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    '54-56 Sheet Metal Parts

    :waving: Heay Mid 50's Buick Enthusiasts! For those interested There are several Sheetmetal Parts Rear Quarter Panels, Doglegs up for Auction on E-Bay Regards,:beers: Tom Gallagher
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    '54-'56 Buick Floor Pan

    For those interested! Item #140036865013
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    Front Seat Back "Braided Rope Hand Grabs"

    :waving: Hey Mid 50's Enthusiasts Generally Speaking as a young child, I vividly remember the Rope Hand Holds that were anchored the the Front Seat Backs for assistance geting in and out of the Rear Seat. I have a 1956 Buick Special 2 door Hardtop with the "Riviera" Package Model 46R. Does...
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    Straight Eight Manifolds

    :waving: Hey Guys I just happened accross and Advertizement for: Empire Motors INC 13451 Montana Ave. El Paso, TX 79938-9616 915-8569607 They Have a Casting and Machining Division and have Exhaust Manifolds for Straight Eight Buicks 1926-52 Might be something worth L(.)(.)KING into:thumbsup...
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    2000 Super-charged Buick Regal

    :waving: Hey Guys Need some HELP! here! I'm an Enthusiast on Mid-50's Buicks My Daily Driver is a 2000 Buick Regal Supercharged 3800. Just How Important is it to change the Oil in the Supercharger and.... What is Exactly involved and.... How does one perform the procedure. :confused...