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  1. 68 wildcat

    1968 Buick Wildcat 2 Dr. Buckets and Custom Sport interior

    Sadly, I have to let my Wildcat go as my priorities have changed. Here's a link to the KIJIJI ad. Feel free to ask any questions you might have about the car. probably not possible to ship to the states during Covid, but I have not verified that. Thanks Gary...
  2. 68 wildcat

    Possible Posi Problems?

    Hi all, Had the diff bearings and axle shaft bearings and seals done last year on my 68 Wildcat with a 3.07 posi trailer tow package. My hearing is now pretty bad and I only realized the diff bearings were going because I had every piece of the interior out except the driver's seat and dash and...
  3. 68 wildcat

    renewing and deleting “wanted parts”

    I’m having difficulties renewing a “wanted “ad that expired Aug 6 and deleting an ad for interior parts. Do I have to repost the ad’s? Thanks, Gary
  4. 68 wildcat

    Exceptional 1972 Triple Blue Riviera In NYC. No affiliation

    If I had an extra 15K I would not hesitate.
  5. 68 wildcat

    Auto shifter linkages

    Hi All, Would anyone know if the shifter linkages are the same 68 Wildcat to 68 Riviera? I have the shifter and console already. Installed them today . here's a pic of the linkages I need and 1 pic of the Custom Sport swap in progress.
  6. 68 wildcat

    1968 Wildcat 2 dr. Custom Interior parts

    68 wildcat submitted a new listing: 1968 Wildcat 2 dr. Custom Interior parts - 1968 Wildcat 2 dr. Custom Interior parts Learn more about this listing...
  7. 68 wildcat

    Console placement help needed

    Hi All, I have a 68 Wildcat 2 Dr. and am in the process of installing a Custom Sport interior. The car was/is column shift and I need to find out the correct placement for the console. The distance from the lower back seat to the end of the console would be great (see pic) I've been working on...
  8. 68 wildcat

    Wildcat Auto floor shift linkages

    68 wildcat submitted a new listing: Wildcat Auto floor shift linkages - Wildcat Auto floor shift linkages Learn more about this listing...
  9. 68 wildcat

    Change to tilt column

    I plan to replace my fixed steering column on my 68 Wildcat to a tilt column. Easy stuff, but the signal flasher is broken on the tilt one. Can I swap the signal flasher assy from my non tilt to tilt? Are they the same part number? Thanks, Gary (aka 68 Wildcat)
  10. 68 wildcat

    New Wanted Listing: Shifter linkage for console auto 1968 Wildcat

    A new Wanted listing has been posted by 68 wildcat: Shifter linkage for console auto 1968 Wildcat The description for this listing is: -------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for the shifter linkages in order to convert from column auto to console auto. I have...
  11. 68 wildcat

    How many regular members are there?

    I was away for awhile and had a look last week. Many parts of this forum seem to be dead in the water. I had found a cool build thread for a Skylark posted by a very enthusiastic guy doing a frame off resto. He ask's "what do you think" after posting pictures of the progress he made. No one here...
  12. 68 wildcat

    430 Question

    Hi all, My 68 Wildcat has 86,000 Mi on the engine and I'm hearing a very slight random tick/rattle coming from the timing chain area. At what mileage would it be prudent to check or replace the timing chain? The previous owner was elderly and judging from the almost total lack of varnish/dirt...
  13. 68 wildcat

    Rochester Q jet

    Sorry to bug again, but the push is on to get my car mechanically fit before the out of province plates expire. My carb is shot and needs overhauling (more than a kit, worn out throttle bushes etc.) and I found this place near me on-line... The...
  14. 68 wildcat

    Sending unit

    My 68 Wildcat is well on the way to passing it's certification for plates. Only the fuel tank and trunk welding repair is left to do. I need to get the fuel tank rebuilt and it would be foolish to not tackle the sending unit and seal at the same time in my opinion. I have been looking for a...
  15. 68 wildcat

    430 exhaust manifold woes

    In order to pass inspection for plates, I have to remove and replace/repair the drivers side exhaust manifold it as it's cracked above the heat riser valve. I gave the top row of bolts a try to see what I was dealing with and as one would expect, nothing budged. The lower bolts are hard to reach...
  16. 68 wildcat

    Nail head and Super Turbine 4 sale

    Spotted this ad, but it's up in Edmonton Alberta. No affiliation: Gary
  17. 68 wildcat

    Painted roof?

    Hi All, My '68 Wildcat is Brown with a sun baked White painted roof. I see no signs that it was a vinyl top car... no glue or anything caught under the window chrome etc. I think it may have always been painted that way, but I have no way of knowing. It clearly has the belt chrome like a vinyl...
  18. 68 wildcat

    68 Wildcat Heater/ ac woes

    Todd, I hope I'm posting in the correct place now. Anyway some explanations... I purchased a new decal to replace the worn out one on the heater controls before the car arrived not knowing there was more than one A/C system. When the car arrived, it was obvious that it was for the more common 4...
  19. 68 wildcat

    1968 Wildcat

    Hi all, I had great success restoring a 1957 mercedes 219 by joining a Yahoo group and hope this forum will help me get my next project sorted out. I found a 1968 2dr. Wildcat in Alberta, had it checked out at a local (Alberta) garage and after some repairs, had it shipped by rail to Montreal...