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    15 year old fresh engine... what to do!?

    Holy heck guys, I recently picked up a 1967 Riviera, and it was a long time project that never made it out of the garage apparently. So here is what I am dealing with: the 430 was rebuilt in 2002/3 and it was put back in the car with the heads and exhaust manifolds installed (valve covers just...
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    Been busy with my '51 Roady!

    Holy crap its been a few months since I have been on here! I've been really busy with the '51 Roady custom lately. Currently have the reared from the '74 Riviera mounted in place of the old torque tube rearend. Next weekend I am working on the front clip, also from the '74. No, its not a...
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    Any Baltimore area Buick people want to show off their car?

    Hey Randy here from Spokane Washington. As luck would have it, I get to ride a greyhound all the way to Baltimore Maryland to see my sister for a week or so. I should be in the area from late Saturday the 28th until about the 5th and would like to meet some fellow Buick fans! Anyone game? Wish...
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    Washington/Idaho/Oregon meet?

    Hey fellow Buick owners, how about trying to get a Buick-only meet this spring going? I should have my '41 Special on the road within a couple months, and there is a huge show here in Spokane usually around the end of February called the Auto/Boat Speed Show. What can we get going? Ideas anyone?
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    Woohoo! Picking up stuff for my swap today!

    For starters, I have a 51 Roadmaster Riviera "Bettie" and unfortunately I found out her straight 8 was toast. I am picking up a Buick 455, TH350, front clip, rearend, driveshaft and other misc parts from a 74 Riviera for a swap! Paid it all off finally and am bringing it all home today! Goal is...
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    53 Nailhead mating to a 51 dynaflow?

    Found out the head on the straight 8 322 is cracked, and came across a nailhead from 53.... Yeah, I know some things will have to change, but will it bolt up to the Dynaflow trans?
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    1951 Roadmaster Riviera Body # problems

    Ok, I have done my reading on here and checking around the interwebs, and cant figure this one out. Heres my body tag on the cowl... 1951 MOD STYLE NO 4719 BODY NO BC3874 TRIM NO 70 PAINT NO 24 What I am having problems with is the Body number... Cant figure out the BC part. I...
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    Hey ya'll... my story...

    Hey Buick fans! Hows things here in the Team Buick site? Anyone else in Washington state or North Idaho? Ok, enough small talk, heres the meat and potatoes... I have always had a thing for Buicks since I was a kid. My grandfather had a 1952 Buick Super that I fell in love with the first time I...