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    Want to buy '66 Wildcat grill

    I purchased my 66 Wildcat last year and it came with a LeSabre grill. I can only imagine how it came to be like that(possibly a car crash?). I have acquired both sides of the headlight clusters but I still need the middle main part of the grill. I do not need anything that is concours level but...
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    Want to buy '66 Wildcat grill

    '66LeSaberSedan submitted a new listing: Want to buy '66 Wildcat grill - Want to buy '66 Wildcat grill View the entire listing here...
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    '66 Wildcat Grill

    Hello. I'm not sure if this is the best place to put this but here goes nothing. I am in the process of purchasing a '66 Wildcat hardtop sedan. If I am correct (be it rare), the grill on it belongs to a LeSabre. It doesn't have any LeSabre badges anywhere on the vehicle. The current owner has no...