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    1941-42 dual carb lot

    32special submitted a new listing: 1941-42 dual carb lot - 1941-42 dual carb lot View the entire listing here...
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    1940s art deco valve covers

    Soon to be.....😆 price to come when up for grabs. Limited number for now
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    Harper 4x2 repro for 263/320/248?? Any interest.

    Any interest in a Harper like intake for the 248/263 & 320 straight eights.
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    Straight eight shirts.

    Not many, none if that have been made about this subject. Im looking for enough interest to start making these shirts. Logo on left front. Engine out back. Pm for more info, or go to the facebook group" Buick fireball eights"
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    248/263 connecting rods

    are the connecting rods from a 1950 248 the same lenght as 263? They share the same stroke but someone insist that 263 are 1/4" longer.
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    New For Sale Listing: 248 263 custom dual exhaust

    A new For Sale listing has been posted by 32special: 248 263 custom dual exhaust The description for this listing is: -------------------------------------------------------------- Im offering my service. Custom dual exhaust for the 248 & 263 straight eight. Thes are made to order at $300...
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    New For Sale Listing: 248 263 custom dual exhaust

    A new For Sale listing has been posted by 32special: 248 263 custom dual exhaust The description for this listing is: -------------------------------------------------------------- Dual exhaust for the 248 and 263 Buick straight eight. $240 plus $40 shipping. Made to order. Allow three weeks...
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    New Buy-it-Now Listing: Mallory Magspark for all straight eight.

    A new Buy-it-Now listing has been posted by 32special: Mallory Magspark for all straight eight. The description for this listing is: -------------------------------------------------------------- I have a very very rare NOS dual point ignition for the 248,263 & 320 buick straight eight. The...
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    263 Buick finned valve cover.

    Lil sneak peak on the 263 finned valve cover. Still have to blend in the fins with each other then seal and paint. Then ill move on to finishing the 4x2 intake. Ill see what kind of interest I get. Pimentel Racing Eng. Jesus S. Pimentel
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    steering wheel restoration and recasting

    Im including a link too some of my work on fb. Im currently out of work and decided yoo do this too bring in some bread.
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    cast aluminum 263 heads are ready...

    Ok, maybe not, but I need to get peoples attention, so why not the political way..haha. sorry folks, its been kind of dead around here and I figured a quick neck breaker will snap everyone out of it. ;) Say you wanted to cast an aftermarket aluminum head for the 263? Nicson put out a 12...
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    Question regarding custom dual exhaust

    So i finished drawing out the exhaust manifold flanges for my 263, and I know this has been asked but I just cant find it. Ill be running a factory dual compound set up wich leaves me asking. How should I supply heat to the two intake? If tubing or hose is used, how thick? I thought about making...
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    Wip: Custom cover

    Just wanted to share a project of mine with you folks of intrest. After long thought I took the plunge and went for it. Making my own 263 finned valve cover wasnt going to be hard, finding a inexpensive shrink rule and making the master was. Im using foam as my base wich will later be soaked...
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    1953 263 freeze plugs?

    I've checked out Bob's and he only has them for the 248 and 320. Has any bought brass plugs and from who? Who carys the kit
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    help ID these piston rings

    I belive these to be for the 320 but I thought I'd double check on here. Nos rings in box.
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    early 50's special floorboards rusted!

    The floorboards on my 52 special are rusted out. Its a 2 door by the way. I will be getting my hands on a 53 special 4 door soon with minty floorboards. Other than the door sills beeing diferent. Is everything else the same? Are they the same lenght and with? I don't mind modifying the edges to...
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    52 special dash colors,what gives?

    Ok, so ive done my research to find that buicks didnt all have the same color dash. not dark metallic gray on light metallic grey. some like mine had a dark grey metallic on what looks like a slightly green silver metallic,if you can call it that,its not light green,thats for sure. so what is...
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    263 rockerarm rebuild

    egge doesnt make a shaft or new arms,id like to hear how some of you rebuild yours. kanter prob does but there stuff is crap.
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    rusty exaust ports.

    The mating surface on my 2x2 intake are slightly pitted. Tho ir looks like a sponge its not that deep, just looks ugly. Areas of the block are pitted as well, mostly around the exhaust ports, and not as bad as the intake manifold.the intakes carb bases are also pitted.over all both the...
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    263 front main seal???

    I seem to always come to this, not beeing able to remember the installation of the (best gasket) front crank seal. Removing the 50+ yr old factory seal doesn't help but make installatation easier. If I remember correctly, the flat end goes in first, expoxing the open end? Any special sealer...