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  1. Ted Nagel

    1967Buick GS 400

    There was a GS club member named Larry Miller in NC that was the 67 guru. He had a collection that included one of the 9 3-sp convertibles. I still am striving to be like him with 65 WIldcats-one of each please!
  2. Ted Nagel

    1967Buick GS 400

    Very cool combination. I've just got my 69 GS350 3-sp (ford) back on the road - I bought it in 2009 and it had been off the road since '79. Now back on!
  3. Ted Nagel

    1950 Buick Super (Mod 52)....NOS Seat Covers Wanted

    Fabric here:
  4. Ted Nagel


    You might get some from Carmen Faso. He is the guy I have used to rebuild my "best" heads and he pays attention to the spring height. 716-693-4090
  5. Ted Nagel

    1968 Buick Skylark

    My first car - 68 Skylark T-Desert Beige with avacado convertible top. even in 1976 when I replaced the top it was an expensive job (for a high school student ) Is your car one I have seen advertised - I saw a nice one for sale for a while.
  6. Ted Nagel

    Hello fro central California

    Welcome to the group here! Finishing up on a 69 GS 350 project here. I also have a GS400 project simmering. Very cool cars. Ted
  7. Ted Nagel

    1972 GS 455 Intake Manifold Wanted

    I have the casting 1239925 B-17 B-1239925-1
  8. Ted Nagel

    53 3 speed rebuild parts

    I second the recommendation for Dennis. DME built for my 65 Wildcat, 65 GS, 69 GS, 70 Gs... I could not be happier.
  9. Ted Nagel

    1972 GS 455 Intake Manifold Wanted

    I will check the engine I am pulling tomorrow- I just checked the block casting and it is a 72; intake has the runners for the smog; has a fitting for smog. If its the casting yo mentioned, you may have it for shipping cost.
  10. Matt’s New Muscle

    Comment by 'Ted Nagel' in item 'Matt’s New Muscle'

    Nice! I've got a 69 GS350 almost finished. Let us know what you need!
  11. Ted Nagel

    Rebuild the 340 or replace

    A Buick 350 will bolt right in. See if somebody has one @
  12. Ted Nagel


    Bertrand- I will keep my eyes open for a differential for you. Hard enough for us to find one here, but it will happen. Is the Riviera roadworthy or is it broken down? How is the engine- still the MR now with Quadrajet? Regards, Ted
  13. Ted Nagel

    225 to 300 Swap

    I think it would be worthy. I had a 65 Skylark with a broken 300- I put a 225 in for fun and it did not take too much to change over. Since then I installed a 350 in it which is also an easy swap. The wagon in my avatar was a 455. Ive seen 340 engines for sale and this would be the...
  14. Ted Nagel

    65 Wildcat project

    Speedy- I am close on getting the Sahara Mist finished. Felix (black cat) is from the same family. Robert Stern aka dual qwad - his brother inherited and then sold the black car to me.
  15. Ted Nagel

    65 Wildcat project

    There kitty
  16. Ted Nagel

    65 Wildcat project

    here kitty
  17. Ted Nagel

    65 Wildcat project

    Not driven yet! I took the accessories off the engine for cleaning and painting. Carbs were gunky, I put some that Carmen had finished for me on there and now just need to put the rest of the rubber bits and new fuel pump on there. Radiator has been recored as well. It is close. Please...
  18. Ted Nagel

    Assembling an Unbalanced Engine

    Cool- that reminds me of my first rebuild of the nailhead in my 65 Riv. I took all the old piston weights and matched the new ones as close as I could- did a little ciphering- that engine has been excellent for the last 25 years.
  19. Ted Nagel

    Road wheel restoration

    Last I heard about 325 per wheel.
  20. Ted Nagel

    1965-66 GS Clutch Linkage View and Parts Wanted

    I have a few leftover parts. Where are you in your project? What is your project? Ted