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    1964 electra brakes

    I need help finding the rubber gaskets for the cup that goes in the back of the master between the vacum and the master cylder there are three in rubbers two that go between a cup , one against vacum then the cup and on the other side of the cup up against the master , then one in the cup where...
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    1964 electra trans

    how hard is it to change the seals on the front and back of the trans ? its a 400 trans all stock from the factory , have a small leak , I put half a cort of trans fluid in a year .I know the car has a carrier bearing in the center of the car .. do I have to pull the drive shaft off ,then the...
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    body mounts

    what is the best way to replace the two body mounts behind the rear wheels on a 1964 225 electra. I looked at them and i would like to replace them little rust on them.. thanks for all the help this site has given ,you people are great.:1st:
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    window washer bottle

    I looking for the glass bottle for a 1964 electra 225 . it is shaped like a tryangle bottle . I would the to have one so the car would be complete. thank you for any info .diesel:wavey:
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    power driver seat 1964 225

    my driver seat motor works but it wont drive the seat forward or back and I know its not the cables its the seat switch under the seat that switch the seat from up and down to front to back . does anyone know how to rebuild it or find a new one?:clonk::confused:
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    need bushings for1960-64

    try I have a 1964 electra and I finely found them . they work perfect.. or call 1 800 650 5134. injoy ..:shifter:
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    pop's pride

    try I measured what I have and what they show and its the same. I will let you know on tuesday when I get it and put it in ...
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    1964electra track arm bushing

    mine are falling off ,can anyone help ?
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    bushing for rear end on 1964 electra

    I'm in big need of help can't find bushing for my 1964 electra rear end :confused:bushings. my track arm bushings are falling out. please can anyone help? I have looked all over and cant find.:jeez:
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    64 225 rear springs

    need new springs ,cant find any. I need new bushings for track arm or rear swing arm, I think thats what its called .It goes from the frame to the rear end.:confused: