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    Stuck Heater Control valve

    Unfortunately, my '51 Buick shop manual is of no help. It tells me how to operate the heater, but has no information on disassembly, trouble shooting, or repair.
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    Stuck Heater Control valve

    The heater control valve on my '51 Special is stuck in the full heat position. (This is not good in the summer.) The cable is free but the control valve itself will not turn. I have not taken anything apart yet. Any suggestions on how to free it up?
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    Hi from FRANCE

    Thierry- She's a beauty!
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    From Dynaflow to T5

    Now that you have information on how to avoid the need to use a "manual transmission" 320 crankshaft, there remains the problem of sourcing a bell housing. FYI, there is a casting that connects the Dynaflow torque converter bell to the engine, and also mounts the starter motor. It is about 2...
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    From Dynaflow to T5

    From my experience with the (smaller) 263 Buick I-8, your best bet is to start with a crankshaft, flywheel, and bell housing from a 320. (On the 263, there is no way to mount a Buick flywheel on a crankshaft from a dynaflow engine without extensive (and expensive) machine work. The correct...
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    1952 Temerature Gage

    I also had mine rebuilt, for the same reason you need the services (broke off the temp sensor in the head). Try Gold Star, 13804 Cienega Road Hollister, CA 95023. (I don't have a phone number.) Cost me $80 in 2012. '51 Special
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    What paint is possible?

    I very recently stopped at a body shop/rod builder/restoration shop to ask about some work on my 51 Buick Special 2 dr. sedan. It needs rust repair near the very back edge of the trunk floor and in the panel just below the trunk lid, about 2 square feet of metal repair on the side of the left...
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    New driveline a 51 48d

    Steve- Check out the January 19, 2014 posting in "Transmissions and drivelines" headed "Looking for torque tube 50 sedanette." You will find specifics for a (relatively) straight forward move to an open driveshaft and strong rearend. (I also have a 1951 48D, converted from Dynaflow to standard...
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    glass setting tape choices

    I'm about to replace a cracked door glass on my '51 Special Model 48D 2-dooor sedan. I know I should buy some glass setting tape for the glass to door regulator installation. There are various thicknesses offered, and prices are all over the map. (From $1 per roll to $1.50 per foot.) Does...
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    lever shock questions

    Well, now that my 51 Special is back on the road after many years, it is plain that the shocks are a bit sloppy, and the fluid levels are low or very low. The manual says to fill with "only G. M. or Delco Shock Absorber Fluid." These products are no longer made. I recall someone once mentioning...
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    Lighting Switch in '51

    My 51 Special is getting more and more fun to drive (particularly with a front-end kit installed by someone who understands kingpins). That gets me into details that I have previously ignored. Here is the latest: the lighting switch. Mine currently works just fine for the headlights/parking...
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    '51 Hood hinge issue

    The car is a 1951 Special. The problem is the hood will not stay in place when it is open and resting on the support hinged on the center of the cowl. When initially opened and placed on the support, all appears fine. But, after a time spent working on the car with the hood opened, the hood will...
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    248 babbit rods

    I am considering picking up a '47 Super. It doesn't run. Assuming an engine overhaul is necessary, can I replace the babbited rods with insert bearing rods from a '49 or '50 248? I ask because the price of re-babbiting, or converting the original babbited rods to accept inserts, looks scarey...
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    Electric choke?

    I couldn't find any existing thread, so I though I would start one. My '51 Special 263 lacks an exhaust manifold valve. I cut it out of the way after I spent many hours unsuccessfully trying to free the thing. Well, that may work in the summer, but not here (North Dakota) and not now...
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    Fuel supply problem

    The backstory is that, after I bought my '51 special at auction in 1992, I soon discovered that it would regularly starve for fuel, acting like it was out of gas no matter how full the tank. I tried lots of things: rebuilt the carb and fuel pump, had the gas tank steamed out, then etched and...
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    removing chrome?

    My pace for putting my '51 together has been slow. I had the back bumper re-chromed in 1996, and am just now getting it back on the car. Here is my problem: There is a 24.5 inch rail that mounts between the bumper guards, and on that rail was mounted a piece marked "Guide L-43," which in turn...
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    Forgot to polarize generator - what next

    I recently installed a generator of a 1950 Buick on my '51. Other than installing a narrow-belt pully, I made no changes to the "new" generator. However, I did disassemble it to clean it up as it had been sitting in a hoodless engine compartment for many years. It had a very recently (in use...
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    ignition issue

    I just completed rebuilding the 263 in my '51 Special. It was running just before teardown. I re-installed the original distributor (Delco-Remy 1110815), and a new coil that had only minutes of use before the teardown began (I wanted to make sure it would run before tearing into it, and I had...
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    Speedometer driven gear problem

    In order to match up my speeedometer to the 3.6 to 1 ratio rear end in my 51, I need an 18 tooth driven gear. Problem is, I'm not finding an 18 tooth driven gear for a manual transmission. Can anyone tell me if the speedometer driven gear assembly can be disassembled. (The manual says: "The...