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    Help - Axle Shaft Drivers Left Rear - 1966 Lesabre Convertible

    I have to replace my axle shaft and I can't find a Lesabre part... could anyone tell me if there is another model that would do the trick? I appreciate any advice. Thanks, justin.
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    Desperately Looking for '66 LeSabre Grille!

    I need to buy a grille. I've looked from Vancouver to San Antonio and so far, nothing. I'm hoping someone out there might be able to point me in a new direction. GM Sports have been very helpful with everything else, but I am striking out on the grille. Thanks, Justin.
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    I'm new with a '66 Lesabre convertible with a '68 350.

    Hi to everyone out there... Pretty much new to Hot Rods at every level. I rebuilt a 1960 Sunbeam Alpine in 1992 and had that for 3 years. But that was hardly the same thing as owning this beauty. Looking to learn a lot. I've really enjoyed driving this car for the past 4 months and now that...